Singer Nikolay Baskov during the period of the regime of isolation imposed because of the pandemic coronavirus, dropped about 15 pounds and revealed his secret of losing weight. He shared with the “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

The actor said that he has always fought weight, but it was extremely difficult for love to eat, and the universal desire to feed the singer at events.

“Nicholas, here is your cake that you ice cream. To resist, honestly, difficult,” — said the Basque and noted that after the start of isolation decided “to devote time to myself.”

The contractor told me that went on a diet, combining it with sports and a complex of vitamins, is necessary to his body.

“in the Evening, tried to cancel. But sometimes still allow myself a day to eat one ice-cream”, — the singer admitted.

According to singer, the role in losing weight was the fact that he is indifferent to alcohol. The actor also denied rumors that went that he lost weight with the help of medications.

“Why not just write about my diet, they say, Nikolai Baskov did some shots, drank pills, went to a clinic of some sort. Someone apparently decided to hypenate on the topic of my weight loss, because I do not Kolya, I have, as you can see, there are wrinkles. But I don’t want to repeat the sad experience of colleagues who early began to adjust itself,” — said the singer, noting that he is in the Prime of life.

Earlier in June, Nikolay Baskov showed the results of your weight loss, published in Instagram account a photo before and after, and surprised the Russians. He was accompanied by posting pictures of the signature “I don’t know.” Fans of the singer glad his work on body and admired the willpower.