Communist party Leader Gennady Zyuganov has criticized the bill on expanding the powers of the police, which, in particular, gives them the right to open cars. The Communists called these changes “the pure police state”.

Zyuganov spoke out against additional powers for the security forces. The politician believes that a government bill violates human rights, therefore, the Communist party will not support these amendments.

“Under cover of coronavirus that is done: paid a bill that allows police to break your car and not answer, allows you to make a decision about shooting to kill”, – quotes the leader of the Communist party RIA Novosti.

Earlier in the state Duma introduced amendments to the law “On police”, which caused great public resonance. In particular, the guards are encouraged to allow open suspicious cars without the presence of the owners. The owner of the car, according to the document, must be notified of the incident within 24 hours of opening.

to Expand other powers. They will be able to watch citizens on the subject of stolen goods and to enter without permission into the living room, if you think that there is a crime or is a fugitive villain. In addition, the police will be able to use fire a service weapon, if the intruder tries “to take actions that give reason to regard them as the threat of attack”.

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