While nearly all Europe is groaning under the corona virus, and all of the soccer leagues shut in, in Sweden, have little to worry about. The Scandinavian country has barely any action, and that the football teams prepare for, there is plenty in the new year, which is June 1 to begin. A remarkable guest at the Hammarby has been the past few days, Zlatan Imbrahimovic, a co-owner of the club, and to be a player of AC Milan.

The possession of up to 25 percent of the shares in Hammarby. For his Swedish youth club in Malmö, however, they found that, treason, and the sculpture of the spire was destroyed. Rumor has it that The AC Milan will leave and his career will be close to Hammarby.

Photo: REUTERS Photo: REUTERS Photo: REUTERS Photo: AFP) Photo: via REUTERS, Photo: AFP for More about Zlatan Ibrahimovic Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Paul Pogba challenge and support each other in hakjes challenge”, and claiming both of them to win: who will win according to you? Ibrahimovic turns up during a training session of Hammarby in Sweden as Zlatan Ibrahimovic is bored, not in the coronacrisis: “I like to be at home” “The taking leave of Rome, and thinks it has to stop playing football”