Feed OGPU for processing a live stream attracted by the fact that excluded the cycle intermediate operations on preparation and transportation of recycled packaging, reduced overhead costs and allowed the release of the production area. First, the idea of a “break” in the framework of research and development. And six months later, after a pilot test, testing of control systems and optimization, the proposed scheme for submission to the installation of the W-ECP blade separation processes have been adopted in commercial operation. This meant the emergence of a unique industrial complex in which the unit for processing OGPU integrated with a separation cascade company.

About the same time or a little earlier at ECP Zelenogorsk began to reconsider water use.

– Initially, our processes require large volumes of water, – told in service of chief engineer for safety. – We take it from the river Caen to the same return. Now due to modernization of equipment and other resource-saving measures, these amounts were reduced from 102,9 million cubic meters to 70. The water quality at the water intake and the descent is one to one, for this strict control. That is, the negative impact on water bodies we do not provide. As for the emission of harmful substances into the atmosphere and waste disposal, for all time of activity the company did not exceed the established standards to him.

Add to the above another fact: industrial site ECP is a third category of potential radiation hazard, and mounted for her sanitary protection zone coincides with the plant’s territory and beyond its borders comes out. Personally I similar never met even mediocre woodworking plant, not to mention chemical industries with Russian registration.

the Subject of special pride of Zelenograd – automated measuring system of production and ecological monitoring. It was created by the company specialists in cooperation with leading developers in this area – the Russian firm “Soyuzatompribor” and the German Saphymo GmbH. First of ASPEN introduced back in 2013, when Russia first announced the Year of ecology. And all this time securely provides control for a wide range of potentially dangerous parameters and substances (radiation, chemical, and other), which is directly related to the Electrochemical activity of the plant.

the First time the situation around the clock was controlled by a sensitive sensor 61 point – in working areas on the site, along its perimeter, as well as in residential neighborhoods of Zelenogorsk. Then they added a mobile complex of emergency response and more than a dozen new posts chemical control of hydrogen fluoride in conjunction with developed��eat isotope production and growth of volumes of processing of depleted uranium hexafluoride.

– Environmental policy – one of priority directions of work, – is not tired to repeat ECP Director General Sergey Filimonov. – Health personnel and minimize impact on the environment for us is as important as economic interests.

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