This means that 300 million rubles budgeted for the development of the most advanced and available technologies are not used at all. And the reason is not stated and not adequately represented worthy projects for the transition to BAT. This abbreviation has become recognizable, and we, for brevity it will also use to understand the situation in more detail. And not from the outside, but from within the working group created to update information and technical manuals in the framework of the project “Introduction of best available technologies”.

These directories contain descriptions of applied and advanced technologies that reduce negative impacts on the environment. It is essentially national standards that everybody has to follow. Until 2024 it is planned to update 51 this Handbook. To this end, a technical working groups in different areas, including ТРГ9 where I come in – “utilization of waste heat (waste incineration)”.

unfortunately, the mechanism of formation of such groups is not transparent and their composition is included a disproportionate number of government representatives, scientific organizations, NGOs, and businesses, private companies and state corporations. This leads to the absolute preponderance of those whose work these guides must govern.

of the 46 members Of ТРГ9 more than half of the present commercial companies, and only 10 belong to the scientific community. As a result, representatives of the concerned business “RT-invest”, LUKOIL, SIBUR, EuroChem and others – using a simple majority of votes dragged into the list more than controversial technologies (read: burning) of municipal solid waste. For example, for thermal disposal of medical waste and biological waste.

meanwhile, the combustion technology has always caused and cause lots of issues in connection with the impact on the environment and human health. Therefore their possible inclusion in the list of NDT should be scientifically substantiated and based on a thorough analysis. After all, the main objective of the transition to the BAT – ecologyinvest to upgrade industry, to implement such technologies, in which negative environmental impacts will be minimal. And what do we see? Instead of “best available” can push through those that yesterday were mentioned in the section “except”. And this is done in violation of existing regulations and common sense.

When everything is decided by the majority, the voices of scientists, environmentalists, independent experts are drowned in the General chorus. And hastily updated the guides lose their scientific validity, have become, essentially, a pocket for industries and do not create incentives to the search for and introduction of a true best of modern technology.

Definitionm NDT in the field of aluminium production did, in fact, only representatives of the industry: 77 per cent in the working group “aluminium Production” are representatives of “RUSAL”, “Forte metals”, SCM, other interested firms. Created Wednesday to lobby their commercial structures, including financial, of interest because of the project “Introduction of best available technologies” is planned to allocate from the Federal budget to 27 billion rubles. In addition to direct investments (175 state support of investment projects in the period up to 2024, subsidies in the framework of the national project “Ecology”), there are also other incentives and bonuses to those who have implemented BAT. In particular, tax benefits, exemption from payments for negative impact, and others.

European countries otherwise organize the work concerning NDT. There the employees and staff of the existing plants do not become members of working groups, their interests are represented by industrial associations and unions. The decision was adopted not by a simple majority of votes, but on consensus. This approach implies a lot of work on information exchange, the creation of thematic groups, webinars, expert consultations, including with experts outside the working groups.

unfortunately, the Russian Office BAT, which coordinates the activities of the working groups is the variety of forms of information and Advisory support can not provide. Governing documents are late, and those that are violated.

Here is an example. Russian regulatory-legal acts set the General procedure of activities of the technical working groups. And it is this: BAT Bureau collects information on available and promising technologies (with a detailed analysis of the economic and environmental efficiency). And then the members of the working group should analyze the information received, to consider the draft of the guide, to post their comments and suggestions.

However, only three working groups collect data and proposals from enterprises precedes the analysis. Other groups, oddly enough, on the contrary: first, the mainstream (on the basis of which is unclear), and then data collection. This, to put it mildly, strangeness manifested itself in the activities of our group. To expand the scope of the Handbook it was decided, despite the objections of individual members of the group to gather the necessary materials and their analysis by the members ТРГ9. A similar violation was recorded in the plans of the three working groups .

the conclusion suggests Itself: the process of updating the BREF is organized so that only takes account the interests of producers, business structures and financial-industrial lobby. The votes of the representatives of science and civil society remain without attention and should n��of Derici. This situation is contrary to the objectives of the national project “Ecology” and undermines confidence in the attainability of the stated goals.

Vasil’eva Elena Aleksandrovna – expert, chief research officer of the Russian branch of Greenpeace, a member of the Technical working group on mainstreaming information and technical reference “utilization of waste heat (waste incineration)” in the framework of the Federal project “Introduction of best available technologies”.