In “Luzhniki” started the sports holiday devoted to Day of youth, celebrated on June 27. This is the first public sports event, held after the lifting of restrictions. At the opening ceremony of the festival was visited by Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin.

At the festival in “Luzhniki” organized by the 12 platforms, where everyone can enjoy outdoor and extreme sports pump track Cycling, freestyle, skateboarding, street workout, streetball by, Panna football, parkour, trampoline freestyle, rock climbing, break dancing. Classes are subject to the requirements of social distancing — no more than 10 people on one platform.

For the guests of the festival will be the cheerleaders. In addition, in the Luzhniki stadium in Moscow opened a photo exhibition dedicated to the new Olympic sports — break-dance, skateboarding, BMX freestyle and others.

Sergei Sobyanin spoke with the athletes and listened to their proposals for the development of mass sports and noted that the city will pay attention to the establishment of sports facilities.

the Mayor added that the city provides comprehensive support to private investors who invest in construction of sports complexes, swimming pools and other sports facilities.

In the capital live 2.5 million people aged 14 to 30 years is every fifth Muscovite. In universities and colleges of the city are more than 935 thousand young people. In Moscow there are more than 160 non-profit organizations and about 1.5 thousand non-profit organizations working in the sphere of youth policy.

this year in March opened a youth project office of the Moscow Government. Its main tasks are to identify the needs of young people, implementing projects, holding events and promotions. Now the office is implementing seven projects, such as:

“Moscow dialogue”. Education and development of professional competencies (events: offline 10 thousand participants, the online more than 100 thousand);

“Cybermatch”. Additional education in the field of cybersecurity (events: offline two thousand participants, the online 27 thousand);

“Moscow”. A community of young architects and urbanists (events: offline one thousand participants, the online 21 thousand);

Student League StandUp. School for young comedians, workshops on public speaking, inter-University tournament (events: offline one thousand participants, the online 9545);

“Narayana”. A community of young rap artists, fans of outdoor sports, combat sports, eSports (events: offline 50 thousand participants, online 250 thousand);

“Transcripts Moscow”. Youth application Navigator on the activity of the city (events: offline 25 thousand participants, the online 10 thousand registered in the application — 10 thousand people);

“Vrabote”. the Organization of temporary employment for the youth of Moscow, as well as the aggregator of all employment in the capital (events: 65 250 people online).

in Moscow, Annually hosts thousands of youth and student activities. The largest of them is Moscow a day student, the Moscow student parade, festival “Spring week of kindness”, an eSports festival “Kiberion”, marathon #Letsparty, project #Narayana the competition, “the Race of the University”, Moscow student sports games, international festival of student and youth sports Moscow Games, the festival of extreme sports “Breakthrough”, “Business weekend”, the Moscow youth business forum.

the Youth is the Foundation of the volunteer movement of the capital, which today covers more than 80 thousand citizens.

In the period of the pandemic coronavirus infection volunteers came to the rescue elderly Muscovites and people suffering from chronic diseases, which comply with the mode of isolation. Volunteers brought them home food and medicines, was walking with Pets. Hundreds of medical volunteers, most of whom are students of medical universities and colleges, interns and graduate students, helped doctors and nurses.

youth Day in Moscow has released a collector’s card “Troika” with a circulation of 50 thousand and 500 thousand branded single tickets.

the Government of Moscow has carried out the upgrade of infrastructure for sports in the open air. In the yards, squares and parks have over 10 thousand complexes outdoor fitness equipment renovated school stadiums and athletic fields, paved tens of kilometers of Bicycle paths.

is Created all the more unique sports facilities, designed for training extreme sports, which are popular among young people. Over the past 10 years the number of sports areas to practice extreme sports have grown 2.5 times. Now to 187, including more than 60 rollerdrome and skate parks, more than 50 climbing walls, velodromes 15 and six sites for water extreme sports.

For professional training vorka��that equipped more than three thousand fitness towns. There is a new sports area to practice adventure sports — wind tunnel, wave surfing, special grounds for snowboarding.

In printers has created a unique center for technical sports. On an area of 28 hectares located a motocross track, kart, drifting, BMX, skate Park and bike trail. This year it is planned to open a school for motorcycle motocross, road-racing motorbikes, ATVs, Enduro, motorcycle trials, but also for teaching safe driving. Now in Moscow building four BMX velodromes.

the Number of those who are engaged in extreme sports in Moscow, grew three times and is now 110 thousand people.

in Many extreme and new Olympic sports can be enjoyed in the capital’s sports schools. So, BMX is developing in of sshor of “sermon” — in this sport do here 734 person. Basketball three on three, there are 12 girls — the girls in the Center of the Olympic preparation Department.

Break dance will become an Olympic sport at the Games in Paris in 2024. In the capital, this discipline developing in FSO “Youth of Moscow” the breakdance scene more than 30 people. Skateboarders (this is also an Olympic discipline) trained in FSTS “Extreme”.

Annually with the support of Moscow Government held more than 100 large youth sports events in which take part more than 300 thousand people.

Among the most significant events for students and youth:

a series of races half marathon: the race of April, the Night run, the color run, half-marathon Moscow and the Moscow marathon;

competitions Association of street basketball;

Moscow student sports games — competitions for 67 sports, involving more than 20 thousand students from 60 universities of Moscow;

international festival of student and youth sports Moscow Games;

tournaments Moscow student hockey League, involving 800 people from 31 institutions of higher education.

tournaments student basketball Association, National student football League Student volleyball Association;

the festival of extreme sports “Breakthrough”;

international festival of skateboarding;

ball “Stars of student sport”;

tournaments for eSports.

During a pandemic playgrounds were closed until June 23. During the period of restriction each week was conducted online competitions in Counter-Strike, Dota, World of Tanks, FIFA, NHL. Also broadcast training and charging, as well as lectures on hygiene and on how to spend free time at home.

Before the end of the year in Moscow it is planned more than 30 major sporting events for young people.