Billionaire Pavel Durov, Creator of Vkontakte, a favorite of the entire progressive community, managed to repel the FSB with her Telegram, and took a spit in a liberal’s soul to his fans. Wrote that your America kirdyk. More precisely, called seven reasons why there should not move. We collected the opinions of that bright statement.

Durov encouraged to start writing a film about Silicon valley another idol “advanced” youth – Yury Duda. In the film entrepreneurs-immigrants talk about the benefits of moving to the United States. Durov, claiming that I am familiar with many characters in the film personally, writes that “notice the contrast between what they declare on camera, and what they say in private conversations”. Supposedly, from all the friends of entrepreneurs from a story he “heard about the disadvantages of living in the United States.” “Now one of them half the time at home, the other actually had several months back in Europe, the third was disappointed in the Americans and builds around itself “little Russia”, – said Durov. As the heroes of the film “demonstrate a very American trait – to bypass acute angles and to concentrate on the positive sides.” He considered it his duty to tell “about the shortcomings of America” and warn a new generation of entrepreneurs from repeating the mistakes of predecessors.

the First thing that highlighted the film – America, despite the country’s image of freedom is “hard police state, which is the leader in the number of people sitting in prisons.” And even one of the characters Dude “suffered from unjust actions of U.S. law enforcement agencies and organized follow him”.

Here, by the way, Durov can understand – he is also the US regulatory authorities are not allowed to run your cryptocurrency.

Then, Durov writes that the U.S. “inefficient and expensive” health care system. What in Silicon valley is extremely limited cultural life, but “San Francisco is the only place in the entire history of my travels, where I was attacked in the afternoon in the centre of the city.”

the Quality of secondary education in the US is lower than in other developed countries. And “all the winners of world Championships in programming, who are in favor of eminent American universities, ethnic Chinese, educated in Chinese schools and moved to the United States.” And even despite this, “the United States is in the competition in the first place much less than China or Russia”.

in addition, in the United States high taxes – “successful residents of California give more than half of their earnings to the state.” And in General, “the United States is the only country in the world that continues to demand income tax from their citizens even after they have left the country.” A “passport of the United States is economic serfdom.”

Also, ��remneva valley – high prices not only on real estate but also to conduct high-tech business. The American market is overheated and regulated segment of the global Internet. “Another 10 or 20 years ago it seemed that all global projects can only be launched from Silicon valley, and it was justified”. And now, “the biggest success stories in social media occur just outside of Silicon valley.”

In conclusion, Durov writes that “the United States is not the best place neither of life nor of doing IT business”, and that “the rights and freedoms of a person is much better protected in the countries of Northern and Central Europe, and economic growth in the XXI century is focused in Asia”.

Many a gap pattern and the destruction of rosy dreams hurt, some happy. For example, Senator Alexei Pushkov agreed with the words Durov and said that from them it is clear that “tired hegemon loses its drive.”

a prominent political analyst Ekaterina Shulman commented for “MK” the statements of Pavel Durov:

– He commented on the very narrow and directly related to it problem. That is not easy to live in America, good country America, whether to move to America, whether America is a global hegemon and no longer to be. Is it possible to move to America, if you want to do It-sector. He calls the reasons why there are better options. He knows better. He knows more about it than anyone else. Here, I think it makes sense to understand that there is generally a good country, or any country are bad. Each should be correlated with their own goal setting. Especially if we are talking about moving, emigration. This is a traumatic, costly and potentially dangerous undertaking. If you on it are solved, it makes sense to maximize all the calculate. No country-dream does not exist. There are countries that are better for one thing or better for something else.If you are an academic worker, I can tell from your perch, you do not an important country and an important University. If you want to work on agricultural work in season, you see where the apples are grown or strawberry. Arguments Durov reasonable. He says that in America, the highest taxes, the social support system is not as developed as in Northern Europe. It’s true. The Scandinavian countries implemented socialist dreams, however there taxes even higher. And migration policy in these beautiful countries harder. America attracts people to the fact that she takes them. As for the statement about America as a police state. It also depends on who you are and what state you are going to live and what you are going to do. America is really a brutal prison system. Svir��PoE absolutely criminal legislation. The extensive and growing, by the way, unlike the us, the prison population and deadlines. But who is affected? I hate to say that it is mostly poor black population, but the statistics speak for themselves. Who mostly inhabit the U.S. prison – known. Does this apply to the It specialist who is going to live in California? There are laws and primeralinea and the population is smaller. So, everyone should apply the criteria to themselves.

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