Indian Twitter users have been reacting to Kamala Harris’ “first Indian-American vice-presidential candidate” status by jokingly trying to imagine the US politician actually living in their country.

The Twitter trend under the hashtag #YoKamalaSoIndian began on Tuesday, after an earlier New York Times report on Harris’ “brightest childhood memories” of her Indian family members.

Indian netizens overdressed the California senator in various stereotypes and some local insights about their culture, jokingly trying to over exaggerate her cultural identity.

A lot of jabs at Harris were also somewhat self-deprecating quips about Indian people being too economical or even stingy. Kamala is so Indian she “doesn’t remove plastic covers from sofa cushions” said one jokester about the millionaire politician.

#YoKamalaSoIndian that she doesn’t remove plastic covers from sofa cushions even 10 years after purchase.

#YoKamalaSoIndian that she reaches airport 6 hours before the flight departure.

Other takes were that since Harris is so Indian she must be using an “old fridge as a wardrobe and TV stand,” or perhaps she is keeping a “plastic bag full of plastic bags” just in case.

#YoKamalaSoIndian that uses her old fridge as a wardrobe and TV stand

Some jokes were more internally oriented as people were trying to imagine the senator commuting via riding on a bus rooftop, or “beating her husband with Jhadu.”

#YoKamalaSoIndian Kamala Harish so Indian she beats her husband with Jhadu

Harris’ mixed racial background has led some in the US and abroad to speculate that she “changes her race per requirement,” trying to fit the most politically advantageous persona.

#YoKamalaSoIndian That she can change her race as per requirement. Itna jugaad toh sirf Indians hi kar sakte hai😜🤣🤣🤣

Harris’ mother comes from India, while her father is a black man from Jamaica, which prompted some to dispute the validity of her Indian American identity.
The senator herself seems to also identify herself as an African American, with a famous example being her anti-segregation attack of her running mate Joe Biden back during the primary debates. Then, Harris lamented the former vice president’s opposition to desegregating US schools in the 1970s, saying that as a black child she herself benefited from the policy.

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