Alla werber

Today marks one year since the death of fashion-the Director Cum Vice-President of Mercury Alla Konstantinovna werber. She died on 62-m to year of life 6 August 2019 during a holiday in Italy. Cause of death was meningococcal septicaemia. Care werber was a real shock for the secular society in Moscow. br>
Today we bring to honor the memory of Alla Konstantinovna and remember what she did for the development of fashion in Russia and why everyone loved her so much.

Alla werber

No Alla werber would be difficult to imagine a modern luxury retail in Russia — it was one of the originators of this market, was personally acquainted with designers, and purchased their collection and tried to attract world stars of fashion at the newly opened after the collapse of the USSR market.

werber eagerly shared stories of how she traveled to Milan and persistently sought meetings with Dolce and Gabbanas, and listen to them endlessly, they were filled with a fair share of self-irony, which is so allocated Alla Konstantinovna among other secular characters, and a real obsession and dedication.

And then I go into the office typical the Italians Dolce & Gabbana — all in Chanel, even in a hat, and draped with jewellery on the principle of “all that there is — all on me.” The eyes of Domenico Dolce, when he saw me, I won’t forget, probably never! He didn’t even say Hello, just told the managers: “This chick is a hoot!”. I felt that something went wrong, but the impact it has in no way could

recalled werber.

Alla werber with Stefano Gabbana and Domenico Dolce

But just as it is, of course, did not give up and from the first failure was not upset — werber she admitted that she’s no stranger to the spirit of adventure.

I Bender in a female form,

she said about herself in an interview with the magazine “OK!”.

the next day, dressed in a black coat and removing all the decorations, werber again went to the showroom and still have a new meeting with designers and commercial Directors.

Monica Bellucci Alla werber

After years of promotion of Italian brands she was awarded the order “For merits before the Italian Republic”.

Perseverance and dedication to Alla Konstantinovna was not to occupy — by the time she was already quite experienced in retail man.

she Began your way to the most basic positions. In 1976 the family werber (most Alla Konstantinovna was then 18 years of age) emigrated from the Soviet Union, and the first time werber lived in Rome.

Alla werber in childhood

There she found work as a salesman in one of the shops on the famous via Veneto. Then she moved the family to Canada, where he continued to develop in retail trade. This time it’s about��was ormala showcases one of the boutiques in the Mall — her talent was noticed and began to take purchase.

Alla werber with his daughter Katya and Rudolf Nureyev

So werber got the experience of Bayer and soon began to open its own stores. By that time she had already become acquainted with many representatives of the brands and designers, including Gianni Versace.

How the world of sales in fashion, werber studied in Western samples. The first major Department store in which she went to Harrods in London. Then there was new York Bergdorf Goodman, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdale’s, who, in recognition werber, made a great impression on her.

Karl Lagerfeld and Alla werber Giorgio Armani and Alla werber

In 1989 werber returned to Russia as a representative of the network KMart — it was her first visit home since emigrating. Her task was to find the factories where it would be possible to sew things for America, all businesses, of course, were in decline. Werber took up the establishment of production.

Filipp Kirkorov and Alla werber

I had to come back, to establish, to negotiate, to form joint ventures… a Giant work!

recalled werber.

In Moscow, no market “luxury” or boutiques too. There was a Department store with half-empty halls, where people come not so much goods, how much to eat ice cream, — such was the first impression werber. But working in the CDs, it will start only in 2003, when he became part of Mercury.

In the early 1990s, she was invited to the trading house “Moscow” which at the time was also purchased by owners Mercury Leonid Fridlyand and Leonid Strunina.

werber started with purchasing Chanel, Gucci, Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Brioni. Rush at the counters was not as she recalled.

Alla werber and Anna Wintour

Nobody grabbed these brands, you had to work a lot to develop a certain psychology and that we have their consumer circle.

— said werber.

From the brands enthusiasm was not there — many treat Russia with caution and did not understand why they are there to open boutiques, doubt that there will be demand. We had to persuade them to agree on everything Alla Konstantinovna always drove himself.

Diane von Furstenberg and Alla werber

She was bright and charismatic Ambassador of many top Western brands in Russia, but proudly told about our country in there, destroying stereotypes and explaining to foreign partners that they can work with us to build a business for the long haul. br>
It relied on a powerful brand, not afraid of new names, took a risk and opened Russia niche brands from Belgium, Japan, Italy. But she taught our sootechestvennikcov not to be afraid of the “Russian design”

— so the contribution of Alla Konstantinovna in the development of the fashion business in Russia, said Igor Chapurin.

indeed, she not only drove to Russia “Western Suite” — for example, werber almost opened buyers Vika Gazinskaya, when she was still very little known, adding it brand in the assortment of TSUM.

Well, charisma werber is what she charmed the capital’s secular society. As a personal loss by her death took a variety of people: from party people to young designers, from industry colleagues to pop stars.

Condolences raced really from all over the world, and in their farewell posts all emphasized that, despite the mad pace of life and workload, to the blows of fate (when she was 50 years old, werber was diagnosed with cancer of the blood, but she managed to defeat the disease), it has retained an enviable zest for life, compassion and kindness.

Alla werber and Claudia Schiffer

Donatella Versace and Alla werber Masha Fedorova, Alla werber and Natasha Poly Alla werber and Natalia Vodianova

But humanly speaking, I have always felt kindness and warmth of this incredible woman. And I’ve always respected her for her openness, for the love of life, that always gave way to young… We lost a very joyful and kind person

— written after the death werber Frol Borimsky.

Alla werber was a woman-a holiday. A very good friend. Responsive. Hospitable. Good. Talented. Glamorous. Her amazing energy filled us all

— with these words said goodbye to her Alexander Vasiliev.

She was endlessly young and fearless — experimenting, re-inventing, trying everything new, without adjusting for age, power, 24 hours a day and the instinct of self-preservation. Eternal memory

— this post is dedicated to her editor in chief of Tatler Ksenia Solovieva.

Alla Pugacheva Alla werber Alla werber and Ksenia Sobchak Alla werber with Victoria and Oleg Selegaline Alla werber with Evgeny Plushenko and Yana Rudkovskaya

At the same time she often had to show strength of character and self-control. Werber never hid that, creating a new, had to sacrifice the old way of life and to make difficult decisions.

TsUMe worked with 1,200 employees, many with families in three generations. Everyone who came to the interview with me and my HR team, I tried to listen carefully, to understand how they see themselves in the future and how you plan to develop. br>
ever Since I instilled a respect for people, and I understand that now decide the fate of a man who has worked here his entire adult life. Imagine how much time it took to�� all to hear and make a decision? We fired a large number of people, but some employees still left,

— werber told in an interview.

For all the time Alla Konstantinovna was brought to Russia more than 500 brands that have included in the assortment of boutiques Tretyakov passage, the trading house “Moscow”, DLT and Cum.

DLT, which is located in Saint Petersburg, this series held a special place in the heart werber, a native of Leningrad.

Every time I go to the Windows DLT, my skin is shivering. His head immediately goes through a lot of memories associated with this place. New eve, 1963, my five-year-old girl, grandparents are the famous Christmas tree in the DLT. br>
So I’m 12, I’m standing with my mother near the Windows, and mom looks at beautiful criminaly suit on the mannequin. But I’m 16, I’m standing near the Windows of DLT and like all girls dreaming about wedding, looking at wedding dress. How could I think that I would be involved in this historic store.

— said Alla Konstantinovna.

this, perhaps, was hiding the secret of her charm — inside influential and respectable women was the girl with dreams come true, which had no reason to be angry, and there was only optimism. The optimism which all of us really so lacking this year.