“You have repeatedly told me about the Center. We know that you have all the time there is something new, very interesting and useful,” said Putin in the beginning of the conversation.

In the Centre involved in the prevention and treatment of endocrine diseases, from the most rare to see such a mass, as diabetes type I and II. The recently finished reconstruction of the main building, thus significantly optimize the performance.

“diabetes is a major problem in the world today,” Putin told Grandfathers. According to him, around eight million people have this diagnosis in the world – 420 million. Every seven seconds someone dies from diabetes, said endocrinologist.

“for seven seconds, one person dies in the world from diabetes?” – asked the President. “Yes. Diabetes, like an iceberg, feeds cancer, and cardiovascular disease,” – said the academician.

during the meeting, the Grandfathers told the President about the insulin pump, which allows you to avoid daily injections and monitor blood sugar levels. “Physical activity throws more if ate people – more will evolve,” explained Grandfathers. He stressed that the most important point in diabetes is perfectly align glycemia (concentration of glucose in the blood. – Approx. “RG”).

the Endocrinologist has also told the President about the dangerous effects of coronavirus on blood sugar levels. “Interestingly, the coronavirus has shown to bring people that have never been ill with diabetes, and they have two points rises, as a ruler, sugar levels,” – said Grandfathers. He described this process: oxygen kills COVID, takes glucose out of the heart, the liver, of the muscles, and then uses this energy in order to make a “storm”. Note that we are talking about the cytokine storm is a potentially life-threatening reaction of the immune system.

Another important issue, according to grandfather, it is thyroid cancer, because “30-40% of the population have these nodes, the tumor”. “And the main reason is still not signed the order, or rather, the law on iodine deficiency, on the prevention of deficiency using iodized salt. Still. I have here a paper, maybe we’ll try again,” he asked the endocrinologist to the President.

“Well,” Putin responded.

At the same time the Grandparents talked about the advanced methods of treatment of thyroid cancer, in which a fixed recovery to 98 percent.

“We learned how to treat it, and today we came up with such a thing, when removing thyroid cancer, we immediately stimulate cells that had metastasized, no matter where they were, thyroid-stimulating hormone give a powerful impetus to these cells, they rarely aktiviziruyutsya, and then we offer them a good dose of iodine,” he described the treatment of the endocrinologist. He explained that iodine is constructed��e thyroid hormones.

Grandfathers believes that the competence of endocrinologists generally should be expanded. According to him, the centre organized educational Institute, took over the competence of the Ministry of health on organization of services, quality of clinical work, the organization of primary, secondary, tertiary. “We have audited, passed 47 provinces, and we see what is the condition. We proposed to expand a number of competence endocrinologists to family doctor, district doctor,” he told the President.