Roman Golovchenko was appointed to the post of Prime Minister in early June. With the first working visit he went to Russia. Mikhail Mishustin saw in this another important confirmation of the special brotherly relations between the two countries, mutual interest in developing cooperation. The Russian Cabinet of Ministers said Mishustin, took important decisions to create the conditions for further expansion of bilateral cooperation. “I hope that the Belarusian government under your leadership will work in the most constructive way”, – stressed the Prime Minister.

“the New government of the Republic of Belarus keeps the focus on achieving win-win solutions on all topical issues, – said Roman Golovchenko. – We expect that allied nature of our relations will allow us to find a compromise on all sensitive bilateral issues.” He thanked for the prompt preparation of the meeting.

In the last year and a half in government offices especially worked hard on the programme of action for the further construction of the Union state. “It is our joint heritage that guarantees the citizens of Russia and Belarus broad economic and humanitarian rights. Disclosure of creative potential of the Union Treaty will allow to create qualitatively new conditions for economic cooperation and development of joint projects,” – said Mishustin.

Promising areas for cooperation were named science, technology, and the digital economy. “During your visit will be the signing of important documents, primarily for the construction of the Belarusian nuclear power plant and cooperation in the oil sector. I hope today we all the relevant documents complete and release,” – said Mishustin.

this year, a serious impact on the performance of the partnership has had a pandemic coronavirus. Last year the trade turnover exceeded 35.5 billion, and for the first five months of this year it declined slightly. But if the Russian export decreased by more than 30 percent, the Belarusian company has its own supply in our country was reduced only by 7 percent. “This means that in these difficult conditions our Belarusian partners are successfully working at our market, which we welcome,” – said Mishustin. He expressed confidence that joint efforts towards the end of the year the government will be able to rectify the situation with the trade.

the Russian Federation is a key trading partner of Belarus, the Prime Minister said Golovchenko. The main reason for the reduction of turnover, he believes foreign economic conjuncture. But there is untapped potential. “It is impossible not to recognize the fact that not less sensitive is mutually missed youyear the remaining barriers, exemptions and restrictions on access to domestic markets, – said the head of the Cabinet. We struggle with this on a bilateral basis and within the framework of Eurasian integration. However these facts continue to be”.