Fashion editor fieldsend the Clemmie (Clemmie Fieldsend) said that women found a replacement for the cult along: in the summer season little black dress will outshine a white mini dress. Suitable material appeared on the website of The Sun.

it is Known that spring-summer collections of such famous brands as Victoria Beckham, chloé and Valentino included the specified outfit. After that, according to the company’s Lyst, which tracks consumer behavior in the fashion industry, the number of search queries with this thing grew by 47 percent.

According to Fieldsend, the appearance of the actress Marilyn Monroe in the film “the seven year Itch” in 1955, the white outfit became one of the most iconic moments in fashion history. Then it became a trend in the 90-ies and beginning again in demand at the present time.

the Pictures in a white mini-dress in their social networks was published popular model Hailey Bieber, Alessandra Ambrosio, businesswoman Kylie Jenner, and TV presenter Zoe Hardman.

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Photo published by @kyliejenner

in addition, the expert has listed several advantages of the above-mentioned outfit. So, white color “is perfectly highlighted by the sun” and “reflects sunlight, allowing you to keep cool in the summer.”

However, Fieldsend noted that despite the growing popularity of the little white dresses, “modest black version of the outfit will be always beloved by all women and will never go out of fashion.”

Brand image was developed by a cult figure of the fashion world Coco Chanel in the 1920-ies and is still universal. As an example, the journalist cited the attire of British singer Adele, which this summer celebrated his 32nd birthday in a black mini-dress.

In June, the British experts called a mini-skirt most iconic fashion thing of all time. By passing it a list of the major items of women’s wardrobe a little black dress, denim jacket, platform shoes, flared pants and leather biker jacket.