Through the recent years, there has been wolves in several places around the country.

And in the weekend were two more wolves spotted at Ulfborg, western Jutland.

The two wolves were caught on a vildtkamera in Ulfborg, just 80 metres from an inhabited farmhouse, writing ago Here is the wolf in Denmark on Facebook.

the facebook page has got independent experts to evaluate the images, and according to them, there is no doubt, what you see in the pictures.

‘Clearly the wolf! In relation to gender is assessed to be a photo of a pregnant bitch and a hanulv, ie. ulvepar,’ reads the experts ‘ assessment, writing Here is the wolf in Denmark.

‘In relation to age it is impossible to assess on the natfotos. The wolves from last year, when they are a year old, fully grown and can not be separated in size from the old wolves’ sounds the further in the assessment of the images.

According to editor and journalist at Here is the wolf in Denmark, Erik Poulsen, there is good reason to be concerned, if you have livestock in the area by the Aa.

“the Information on that seemingly is both a drægtigt ulvepar and a lame wolf in the west jutland ulvezone should arouse the concern of the local husdyrholdere, who is facing having to send livestock to pasture in the coming time. There has already for years been a minimum of 16 proven or suspected ulveangreb on livestock,” he says, and continues:

“of Which the vast majority in and around the west jutland ulvezone. Last year many ulveangreb at easter, not least for lambs and ewes in the west jutland ulvezone look unfortunately seems to repeat itself,” says Erik Poulsen.

Should you now sit and be afraid to go out, when there are wolves in the area, so, according to vagtchef Jens Claumarch by the Middle – and Vestjyllands Police, however, no reason for concern.

“from what I have heard, then you must be more lucky to see a wolf than to win in the lotto, because it is so shy,” says Jens Claumarch to B. T. and adds, that the new discoveries do not change anything in police work, unless there is a police task in the future.

the Weekend’s images of the two wolves comes just days after the media reported on a lame wolf, who was also observed in the area around Ulfborg. The assessment sounded in the case that the wolf would have good chances to recover, as it stayed with his family and therefore would not have problems obtaining food.