It is not only food from restaurants, Wolt-commandments running around with in their bags.

A video recorded easter Saturday, as B. T. is come in possession of, shows how a Wolt-bid in Aalborg gathers up food from a garbage can, which he subsequently put in his blue Wolt-bag.

A second shot, also from Saturday, showing yet a bid in the Wolt-uniform, this time in the Østerbro district of Copenhagen, there stands in a backyard and ratchets with two other persons.

Many danes are using in these days madleverings app Wolt in order to avoid to move out and be exposed to a risk of infection.

B. T. has spoken with the director of the Wolt Denmark Søren Meier Svendsen and asked how he reacts to this.

What do you say to your Wolt-bude rummaging in dustbins, while they are at work, and one of them even takes food from the trash and put it in his Wolt-bag?

“I am first and foremost really, really disappointed and sad over it, I see.”


“We have some expectations and some agreements with our partners, how they operate, when they cooperate with Wolt, and it lives here person is clearly not up to.”

It is not only a single person. There are at least two here who have done it within the last day.

“It makes it twice as bad. The three years, Wolt has been running in Denmark, I know that we once before, about a year ago, has received a request. So it is not something I see as a general pattern, or a hobby at Wolts courier partners.”

When you see that there is a Wolt-tender, who stands and put the food from the bin into the bag, which he also uses to transport customers ‘ food in – the danes can then rely on to get the food home safely?

“first, we have clear guidelines about that the bags should only be used to transport food between restaurants and customers. And secondly, they must be kept clean and washed often. And in a coronatid it is more relevant than ever. It we communicate regularly to our partners. Corona in itself has no relationship with food. The risk in connection with food is non-existent according to the authorities, but of course it is completely unsustainable to have the behavior.”

do you Think customers should be informed that there is a risk that there has been garbage in the bag, their food being transported in?

“I think it is important that customers know that we are doing a lot to make it safe to order, so that there is a human contact, neither when the food is collected or delivered.”

One thing is that there is no human contact, but then there has been contact with the garbage maybe. It I think also not just something that the customers prefer?

“I think It’s certainly not. We will of course down on some such case here.”

So what you’re going to do now here?

“of Course, look down in the concrete case, but it is difficult to assess from the here imagery. In addition, we are going to communicate widely to all our partners, how they of course have a very great responsibility and a contract that refers not just to use common sense, but also some clear instructions that the man keeps his equipment clean and only use it for the supply of food.”

Your employees are not under any agreement, and In ourselves, go out and call them self-employed. It may be that they therefore do not feel that they have equal responsibility, or an equally great duty to you as an employer?

“in General I feel they are taking a very great responsibility. And it is also something of it, that makes me sad here. That some few can ruin it for so many people.”

Can you understand, if you, as a customer you are concerned after having seen the video?

“I can understand, if you get the coffee wrong in the throat, when you see this video. I did it myself. But it should not be a general concern. We deliver food to many every day and get much of the credit for the solid work that is being done.”

How can you ensure that it does not happen again? What do you do to keep an eye on what your messengers, and do?

“We come today to communicate very clearly about what is working and not working. And then we follow up that it works.”