In social networks has around one-time child allowances in the amount of 10 000 rubles. After the statement of President Putin on payments to the Russians in trying to make a coveted statement Abuali website public Services. The President has reprimanded officials for failures in the system, the portal, it would seem, has earned in a usual mode. However, the lucky ones who managed to submit applications to the forefront may 12 and 13, faced an unexpected problem. For the week, their statements not only was not addressed as required by the regulations, but did not hit the PFR.

In the first days after the appointment of the lump-sum payment of social networks have been inundated with instructions on how to fill out an application for benefits on the public Services. Someone not working “submit” button, someone the system wrote that the social security number is not found… the Lucky ones who managed to cope with the challenge shared their experience with less fortunate comrades.

However, after a week it became clear that people are rushing to issue a grant in the early days, was a mess, and as a result yielded more sluggish citizens. Apparently, those who are initially not in a hurry, the first will receive the coveted 10 thousand.

“the Statement of public Services through the site, I was able to submit on the first day on 12 may. After sending it’s message that it is successfully generated and sent to the FIU. The statement was assigned a number, however information about it is sent to the personal account never appeared. Notifications by e-mail I do not received.

it’s been a week and complete silence. It is not clear, they are on deer to the Pension Fund being taken, or what? While the friend who submitted a statement on the 17th, three times to change the status, it now documents are already considering FIU,” – said in social networks one of the moms.

With a similar problem faced by thousands of other parents, including the correspondent of “MK”. I managed to send the application for payment by may 13, when struck on the eve of the website Services seem to have restored their work. For a week I have not received any information about the status of your application neither by email, nor in the personal office of the portal. The impression that my invitation just got lost in the virtual space. The number received when sending, to find it in the system also failed. For clarification, I turned to the hotline of the Pension Fund. The operator replied that all information on my application should be visible in the personal account Services. If not, it can not help you, as the number on my statement can only be found in the regional branch of the RPF. But to reach was simply an impossible task. I made about 30 attempts, but after long beeps call invariably was dropped.

��tawses to find a missing person, I decided to start the whole procedure again. And it helped! While trying to fill out an application again to finally show the number of first treatment and its current status: “Sent to the office may 19 22:55”. Yeah, it turns out, only in the queue for sending my application hanging for more than 6 days. I wonder how long it will take to FIU.