the Coming period of “soft” isolation hides for us many pitfalls. Very dangerous “mine” becomes an addiction of some citizens to alcohol. However, to discourage people from drinking alcohol, even temporarily, is extremely difficult. “MK” has found out when and how in an emergency tried to introduce a “dry law”.

Over the past month and a half “great seats” the alcoholic subject has been repeatedly reminded himself.

We were told, for example, that the part of the citizens isolated themselves forced to make long leisure active consumption of strong alcoholic drinks. According to published reports, one of the leading news agencies already in the country the first signs of the epidemic there has been a sharp jump in demand for alcohol. – Only for last week of March (before the period of isolation) sales of vodka increased by 31% compared to the same period last year. 47% have increased the demand for whiskey, to buy beer became 25% more.

In the future, the trend continued: sales of “beverages with degrees” was recorded by the retailers at record levels, comparable only with those that there were before during the Christmas holidays.

on the one hand, the logic of the people is clear: in unusual conditions of self-isolation it is necessary to relax, and alcohol for many classic means of stress relief. But on the other hand, this situation is fraught with trouble for the health. On may 3 the Minister of health of the Russian Federation Mikhail Murashko said that the Russians are in the mode of isolation of the pandemic COVID-19, were more likely to die from the effects of alcohol.

One of the measures to counter the “epidemic” sing could limit sales of liquor. Initiatives on this subject at the end of March were made by certain deputies of the state Duma and members of the Public chamber. That is the purpose of including the proposal, made recently by members of the Federation Council to the government to raise the minimum age of sale of alcohol from 18 to 21 years.

But the rest, those who are more twenty-one? – Many adult fans of “the green dragon” just will not abandon ingrained bad habits. But it is at the current time the pandemic poses serious threats to health.

In recent weeks, experts have repeatedly issued a clarification of the harm from drinking alcohol inside while trying to protect against coronavirus infection.

My opinion on the matter, expressed in an interview, the chief psychiatrist of the Ministry of health Yevgeny Bryun. According to him, alcohol can contribute to the disinfection only if they wipe the hands. But “disinfected” the same wine “kovida” inside simply harmful. Because of any alcohol-containing drinks��OK has a toxic effect. In this weakens the immune system, and “kovido” it is easier to hit him. If a person has been infected with coronavirus, alcohol can worsen the disease and delay the healing process.

And here is an update from the immunologist Dmitry Oparin: “Contained in alcoholic beverages ethanol, once in the body, pneumonia can trigger heart failure, which in turn is fraught with pulmonary edema. That is, the abuse of alcohol, the likelihood that a mild form of coronavirus illness will take the heavy, greatly increases.”

we must Here mention the results of the studies, which were skills the world health organization in its document published in 2015: “Excessive drinking may cause unwanted reactions from the immune system, for example, susceptibility to pneumonia.”

Alas, among fans of “groshenko to lay the tie is” not uncommon disregard for their health. However, during coronavirus epidemic of drunken citizens pose a threat not only to themselves, but to the health and even the lives of others.

Remember the relatively recent high-profile incident. In St. Petersburg, a drunken man attacked ambulance doctor, who assisted an elderly patient with a coronavirus. Already not in control of himself “fallow” man tore the doctor’s mask, broke his protective suit. Such actions he has created a real threat of infection of the physician.

We were asked to comment on the situation with alcoholism while continuing in many regions of the period of isolation and mask mode of the doctor-psychiatrist Alexey Balashov.

“General signs of intoxication: loss of control – to a greater or lesser extent. And this loss of control can manifest itself in many different ways. Because people react to alcohol in very different ways. Someone’s choking, someone’s getting too talkative, someone panic attacks attack… there are cases when intoxication provokes outbursts of aggression. This is especially scary for others in the current epidemiological situation. Case in St. Petersburg is hardly isolated. In normal times, such petty hooliganism “drunk” would not have serious consequences: but the injury is not reached. But now, when the epidemic cleared up, ripped off face doctor mask, damage of the protective suit worn by him, can result in very serious damage to health by infection with a coronavirus.

Dangerous and other situations. As you know, alcoholic “dope” pretty much dulls the sense of fear. Not for nothing say that drunk the sea knee-deep! In this state of heightened courage and ppovyshennogo apathy of a drunken citizen can easily violate quarantine regulations, to neglect such important standards of sanitation, and social distancing. – Forget to wash hands in time, will not wear a mask, if not on a whim gonna hug someone… All of this is a direct way to the spread of coronavirus infection!”

is there a way to help curb alcoholic “feats” of our fellow citizens during epidemics-tense situation? Of course, in the entire country to take effective action difficult. – Remember at least a little successful experiments of the past.

In the First world in Russia was officially introduced the “dry law”. However, according to contemporaries, it is only partly helped to protect themselves from the pernicious influence of “green snake.” Vodka and wine were sold illegally in the country flourished moonshine.

Not too effective has become Gorbachev’s anti-alcohol campaign in the late 1980s the Citizens and this time found a way out – has already proven: vigorously drank the drink “has signali”.

Much more effective measures of a local character that have been applied and used sometimes with the best of human groups in terms of actual exclusion.

for example, in many shift camps of gas and oil guide campaigns without success, trying to establish a soft life. As told one of the watchmen, fun “take on the breast” to the “point” where he worked, very expensive: if you notice the authorities will issue a fine of up to 200,000 rubles.

Although, according to the testimony of other Northern worker, which happened to read in social networks, one hundred percent of the “dry law” still does not work:

“In the village of alcohol is under complete prohibition. Even in the Church Cahors not receive communion. If you get caught “under shofe” on the object, deported or stefanut so that it is possible watch the entire free to work. So the organizers are doing everything for the leisure time of shift workers: a good canteen, sports grounds… But still, pobuhat. Even with prohibition booze goes without problems. Or in shops under the counter, or the local moonshine trade… Most importantly, not to run into a bear… the Bear will eat immediately and the remnants of the corpse zaplachet that will not find It… tell immediately in the briefing…”

But memories of one of the hardened polar explorers working for wintering in Antarctica.

Alexander Kalkin told that the expedition to the sixth continent, which he once led, lasted for almost a year, but all this time the staff at the Antarctic station “Mirny”, which consisted of several dozen men, very “delicately” referred to alcohol.

“first Antarctic expeditions, the alcohol was included in the “food rations”. One winterer was given a bottle of very bitter taste.�� and a bottle of red wine in a month. If a holiday or someone’s birthday, I disposed of these stocks to put on the table – a bottle for three. Although not all drank. For example, we have one of the pilots – the commander of crew of the helicopter Afonin absolutely not used. So it is always thrust into the company of those who wanted to get a dose more, at the expense of its share. Drunk but never drunk: for the Russian people during the Antarctic cold even half a bottle is not enough.”