A video of Black Lives Matter campaigner Monica Cannon-Grant, who’s been honored by Democrats in Boston shows her unleashing a racist rant against a black Republican politician, telling her to shut up as she “rides white penises.”

Cannon-Grant’s work on the BLM cause has seen her honored by Boston Mayor Marty Walsh, Massachusetts Rep. Joe Kennedy, and even former presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren. She’s been lauded as a “hero among us” by the Boston Celtics. She writes for the Boston Globe, and is currently working to re-elect Rep. Ayanna Pressley and District Attorney Rachael Rollins, both progressive Democrats.

A recent outburst of hers, however, would be unprintable on the Globe’s pages.

This absolutely disgusting. Here is the campaign organizer for MA7’s “Squad” member Ayanna Pressley degrading Republican @Rayla4Congress for being married to a white person. The full video is in the article: #Mapoli

In a video that surfaced late Friday, Cannon-Grant accused Pressley’s opponent – Republican Rayla Campbell – of selling out her race by marrying a white man.

“If white vagina and white penises jeopardize your melanin, then we need you to sit in the back of the classroom,” she ranted. “You don’t get to talk right now.”

“Regardless of many educated gang symbols you have at the end of your name, regardless of how close in proximity you are to white supremacy, regardless of how many white penises you ride,” she said to Campbell, “just don’t forget, that you’s a ni**a.”

Here’s Congressman Joe Kennedy, complimenting his openly racist friend Monica Cannon-Grant for her leadership and fierce advocacy. Someone might want to inform him about her stance on interracial marriage.

“Keep your mouth shut on black s**t if you ain’t ready to be black…I need you to shut the f**k up,” said the activist, who’s been described by the Globe as a “force to be reckoned with in Boston.”

While Cannon-Grant’s rhetoric wouldn’t sound out of place in the segregationist south of the 1950s, it is typical of a certain strand of militant anti-white thought that’s entered the mainstream since the killing of George Floyd and subsequent nationwide riots.

Author Robin Di Angelo’s ‘White Fragility’ – which accuses white people of racism whether they act racist or not – sits atop the New York Times’ bestsellers list. The paper itself publishes columns demanding whites pay their black neighbors to talk about race. The National Museum of African American History and Culture describes nominally wholesome behaviors as white supremacist microaggressions and asks visitors to “deconstruct” their own “whiteness.”

Instagram unveiled – and then swiftly removed – a “mute white people”button last week. Rapper and entertainer Nick Cannon recently apologized for an interview littered with anti-Semitic remarks, but stayed silent on his comments on white people, whom he called “evil” and “savages.”

At time of writing, neither Pressley or Rollins have acknowledged Cannon-Grant’s tirade. “Good thing in our society it’s impossible for black people to be racist or folks would have a problem with her,” one commenter quipped on Twitter. “She’s gonna make Nick Cannon very proud.”

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