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Combating coronavirus is in different countries, but one of the most tense situation in Spain. At the moment there are ill 148 thousand people, the epidemic has claimed more than 14 thousand lives. What's it like to live in a country where raging epidemic, as authorities fight infection and is it really so scary "MK" said the Manager of the edition "MK-Spain" Alexander SURGUTANOV.
St. Petersburg restaurateur Alexander Zatulivetrov put Smolny ultimatum. The businessman said that if until 15 April 2020, local officials did not declare a state of emergency, or at least not toughen a strange mode of "increased readiness", it will open both of their restaurant. Ultimatum Zatulivetrov delivered via social media by posting a post on his Facebook page. The publication caused a lively response of the citizens, having collected more than 3000 reviews. Someone supported the entrepreneur promised the first day open to go to the restaurant. Others were outraged by the irresponsibility of the restaurateur. A "MK" asked that has forced the businessman to take this step.
Because of the high prevalence of coronavirus in Moscow from April 13 suspends the operation of car — sharing services for short-term naemo cars. Authorities said that to maintain proper sanitary conditions inside the machine with constantly changing drivers rather difficult.
Recently the Minister of Finance of his native country, Mr. Siluanov gave are things that I almost choked — and in the moment in a public place it could even be life-threatening. He said with a straight face that, first, "were the fat years", and secondly, that now "we need to begin to effectively develop the economy". What?
Andrei Razin once again provokes a scandal in the environment of show business. Now a well-known producer asked the colleagues of those things with taxes, and predicts his poverty. "Tender may" has paid all taxes in the Soviet era! I have all the documents on hand!", - hot Razin, - and the other is paid? But soon all the stars will be clothes to sell and live on that money!"
Due to the complex epidemiological situation in Russia extended deadlines for tax returns for personal income tax in 2019. To report the income you need will not be until April 30, and before July 30
The Ministry of Finance announced that the tax will not apply to interest earned on deposits in the year 2020, it will be levied on all interest income on deposits total in excess of $ 1 million. So, when the income of 72.5 thousand rubles, the tax would have amounted to only 1.6 thousand rubles
Vladimir Putin instructed to set the rate of personal income tax 13% income interest on Bank deposits in the territory of Russia, and also in the form of interest on securities. We are talking about the income received from investments more than a million rubles a year
Before the end of the Declaration campaign has just over a month. Of the 2019 income citizens have to report until April 30. Read more about who and how to report - in the material "RG"
The head of Sberbank German Gref in the appeal to the contributors explained the mechanism of the new tax on deposits over one million rubles. "These decisions apply only to interest income, the contributions themselves are not taxed," said he
The Ministry of Finance explained the initiative of the President about raising the tax rate from 2% to 15% on interest and dividends, stretching from Russia to offshore companies. It applies primarily to Cyprus and a number of other similar jurisdictions
Import duties on some commodities can be cleared. This will smooth out the effects of the weakening of the ruble and pandemic coronavirus and keep rising prices. Cancellation fees will apply to products, medical, medicines and components for their production
The head of state in a video message announced urgent measures to ensure the social protection of citizens, preservation of their income and jobs and to support small and medium businesses. Among them is a new payment to families, the deferral of taxes for business and vacation loans
Self-employed became available for independent contributions to the Pension Fund of Russia, the Federal tax service. Them enough to apply through the app "My tax". A personal visit to the FIU is not required
When buying square meters for the citizens applying for property tax deduction, it is important to pay attention to the status of the property: residential or not. Explanations of the Ministry of Finance released the Federal tax service
Mikhail Mishustin instructed to provide tax breaks for organizations working in the field of sports, culture and cinematography. Previously, this support measure was used for the tourist industry and passenger traffic
In the coming years, thousands of companies will move to online interaction with the fiscal authorities. This will allow tax inspectors to conduct fewer audits, and lower costs. The concept of development of the tax monitoring system was signed by Mikhail Mishustin
The Ministry has included in the list of expensive cars subject to higher road tax in cars of several brands. All cars cost three to five million rubles has 632 pieces
The third phase of the Amnesty of capital is likely to be the last. To renew it is not planned, said state Secretary-Deputy Minister of Finance of the RF Alexey Sazanov. Spectacularly from wanting to talk about their foreign accounts and assets will be taken, including, on 29 February and 2 March
Save, not increase it - this model of consumer behavior dominates in Russia today. The share of funds that hold physical persons in banks on current accounts, not deposits, reached in 2019 crazy values in the 8 trillion rubles (26% of the total volume of attracted retail resources). For the uninitiated explain: deposits are investments for a fixed period (say a year) before the your money with interest is impossible to withdraw. And with a current account — at any time. In other words, citizens are not willing to save their money for a long time. They are willing to sacrifice interest for the sake of being able to quickly get your savings on hand.
After buying a car for personal and family needs of the citizens should receive a tax deduction by analogy with property deduction for buying real estate. A bill on this subject introduced in the state Duma
In all the years of speeches professional tennis player Maria Sharapova has earned so much that it became the highest-paid Russian athlete in the past decade
The Hong Kong authorities decided to pay each citizen of $1280 to stimulate the economy. The government will also reduce income tax for certain categories of the population and help the poor with housing. To Finance economic stimulus package, leaving $15.4 billion Expert "MK" explain why some countries are helping citizens in times of crisis, and the Russian authorities did the opposite.
The Federal tax service introduced the "online calculator" for business. With the help of the entrepreneurs after the abolition of the unified tax on imputed income will be able to choose the other most suitable mode
FNS has updated the mobile application "My tax" for the self-employed. Now there is available the feature of auto payment. In the near future will be able to deduct contributions to the Pension Fund, the Ministry reported
In late January, President Putin abolished the Ministry for North Caucasus Affairs. It worked for less than six years. The Agency directed large-scale government programs and projects, which to this day has not been completed. The budget has allocated large funds of Minkowksi was responsible for the efficiency of their use.

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