“most Likely, cheapest thing of the past. Cheap flights offered low-cost airlines, who worked on the verge of profitability, but profit at the expense of large passenger flow. If ridership is low, then the low-cost airlines to work makes no sense”, – said the Deputy Director of the Institute of engineering Economics, Sciences and Humanities Daniel Kwon. At the average cost of tickets was also influenced by sales, various promotions that in the face of declining demand lost value.

as a result, according to, in may this year compared to may of last year, average ticket prices have increased by 25%. “Today, airlines have faced a massive crisis, and the increase in prices is due to the need to compensate for their losses, and reduced occupancy of the aircraft,” – said the analyst of Institute of complex strategic studies Natalia Churkina.

When the restrictions will be lifted, the demand will begin to recover, but the airlines won’t fight for passengers and lower prices, experts say.

This situation will last at least a year. And in the future will depend on the airline industry. If passengers will be little point in fighting for them not to be, says Kwon. Then less painful for the airlines will be raising prices, he said.

However, to affect prices and may subsidise transport in some areas. “If the amount of such subsidies will be expanded, it could help curb rising prices or even lower prices for flights within the country”, – noticed Churkin.