the Purpose of this is not the first stuffing pseudosection materials on the issue of a peace Treaty between Russia and Japan is obvious. An attempt is made on the basis of the next speculation to reinforce Japanese position in the negotiations, said in a commentary the Russian foreign Ministry. “We have to say that the initiators of this publication, including, do not exclude, there are Japanese officials, wishful thinking”, – the diplomats.

it is also Noted that the priority task at this stage is the development of the whole range of Russian-Japanese cooperation for the purpose of bringing bilateral relations to a qualitatively new level. The only result – and visible to the people of both countries will allow to create conditions for substantive dialogue on a range of sensitive issues.

throughout the postwar period, Russia maintained a consistent position. A peace Treaty should be based on the recognition of Japan, results of world war II in full, including the undeniable sovereignty of the Russian Federation over all the South Kuril Islands. Any insinuations on this subject, especially with reference to “private archives” of the former Japanese leadership, inappropriate, the statement of the Russian foreign Ministry.