By Saturday and Sunday, July 4 and 5, in Moscow and the Moscow region will return heat: the weather forecast promises a 30-degree heat.

Tuesday, June 30 at the regional met office expect pleasant weather, up to 21-23 degrees, without the wind and rain. In the middle of the week, July 1, it will be a little warmer – up to 24 degrees above zero, on Thursday, July 2, the air warms up to plus 26, on Friday, July 3, the temperature will be at least 27 degrees Celsius and the output can reach 30 degrees. Friday this week is expected rain.

Interviewed “Expert” forecasters warned that starting July there will be no less complex than Jun.

The weather forecast promises that the heat in Moscow will continue through July 8, inclusive, then and the capital region will see a sharp cold night temperature drops to + 20-21 degrees Celsius.

To normal July values – 22-25 degrees Celsius – the weather in the capital region will return to the middle of the month. But the last ten days of July in Moscow and the region will be unusually hot – the air is heated to 29 to 32 degrees in the shade. The end of the month will be accompanied by strong rains, thunderstorms and winds with gusts up to 15-18 meters per second.

Forecasters said RIAMA that the average June temperature in Moscow and Moscow were 1.9 degrees above normal. Eugene Tiscover from “Phobos” said in the first month of summer in Moscow and the capital fell to about 200 percent of the monthly norm of precipitation.

Scientist of the hydrometeorological center Roman Vilfand believes that the 30-degree heat in the region may not happen, but at 23-28 degrees will be right, be accompanied by such temperatures can light summer rains.

Gismeteo forecasts that weather in the region throughout July will be heterogeneous. All clear should be only three days – June 30, 5 and 7 July, and on the other days, chance of precipitation and more or less strong.

Very cold may be the night of 20 July when the air warms only to plus ten degrees. For those chilly days – July 18-19 with 16 degrees of heat.

The sultry night (up to plus 20 degrees) will occur on 8 July, and the hottest day is July 3, with the 30-degree heat.

Tiscover believes that in General this summer will be “correct”, with rain, thunderstorms, heat, small temperature changes, but without the autumn cold.

In Siberia July will be no less difficult. For example, Novosibirsk oblast in the beginning of the month will be faced with the anomalous heat: 1 and 2 July, the temperature in Novosibirsk will reach 30 degrees, and from July 2 will begin heavy rains.

In General, the Novosibirsk region from 1 to 5 July will be even heavier, up to 32-34 degrees. Regional emergency management declared an emergency alert because of the risk of forest fires, you may experience outages of electricity and life support systems. Also possible problems in work of transport and accidents on the water.

July in Crimea will also bring local residents and tourists surprises. In the first ten days of the month in Yalta and Gurzuf will be hot and without rain, the temperature will rise to plus 30 degrees during the day and 22-24 at night.

From 9-10 July to mid month temperatures in the region plus a 24-register and day. These days will be Sunny and the sea will become very comfortable, with a water temperature up to 23 Celsius. Thus, temperature of air and water will be almost the same, it is considered the ideal condition for swimming.

Towards the end of the month the hot weather will return to the Crimea. In Balaclava and Yalta will be 28-32 above zero, in Alushta is expected to plus 35 more in the sun, and in Kerch – up to 33-34 Celsius.

Over the Crimean July storms on the sea winds, driving rains and lightning peals.

As reported by “the Rambler”, the specialists warned of the high risk of fires in some regions of Russia: the threat is in Voronezh, Murmansk, Sverdlovsk and Vologda regions.