On Thursday the Director of TAG Heuer, one of the most famous and largest watch brands of the LVMH group, was appointed Frederic Arnault. 25-year-old graduate of the Paris Ecole Polytechnique, the son of the group owner Bernard Arnault, has become the youngest leader in the history of the brand, if not in the history of Swiss watchmaking. The surprise was carefully prepared, resembles the chief editor of “Style. Watch” Alexey Tarhanov.Frederic Arno came to TAG Heuer in 2017, becoming Director of strategy and digital development. In Paris he created the group to address the development of the second line connectionindex brand. Nonetheless, there is no doubt that he is in the CEO’s chair. Including who held the post from 2018 Stephen Bianchi.The last five years, the famous Swiss brand again was looking for a place to LVMH. After leaving in 2015 Jean-Christophe Babine, who led Bvlgari, another important brand of the group, the head of TAG Heuer did not stay long. On each of the annual watch fairs, Baselworld interview gave me a new head. To deal with the Affairs of the brand is not enough, even the authority of Jean-Claude Biver, the charismatic Creator of Hublot fame, became the head of watchmaking division of LVMH (Tag Heuer, Hublot and Zenith). He finished the transformation, going to resign for health reasons, although retaining the post of honorary President. To replace spouting ideas Biver, came a clear, hard head Stephen Bianchi, in one of his first interviews said, “Jean-Claude Biver has made countless many fantastic things. I will keep some and change others.”From the beginning, with him worked for Frederick Arno, and many suspected that over time, the son of the owner of the group will lead the hour mark. It seemed all the more probable that the career of Stephen Bianchi already had the role of mentor, Regent for the heir of the group Yves Rocher. In 1998 he was called the founding father of Yves Rocher to prepare for the leadership brand of cosmetics your 18-year-old grandson Bris Rocher. On June 4 she held. Mr. Bianchi retained the head of the watchmaking division of LVMH, to which on this occasion was added and two jewellery brands Chaumet and Fred. In principle, he will have to oversee the work of all Directors not only Julien Tornare Zenith, Ricardo Guadalupe at Hublot, Jean-Marc Chaumet in Mansvelt and Charles Leung in Fred, but a young Arno. However, there is no doubt that the son of the owner of the group is still a special status. Not got a Bianchi and control of Bvlgari, the brand has a strong watchmaking and over time departments Dior and Louis Vuitton.Frederick — fourth of the younger generation Arnault, who after his sister Delphine and brothers Antoine and Alexander receives leadership on the part of LVMH. It is the policy of Bernard Arnault, who is seeking to distribute directly tomake your way to managing sectors of the largest and richest in the world luxury group between family members. 25-year-old Manager has a solid education, he graduated from the same Polytechnic school as his father, managed to work in Facebook and McKinsey & Company. Besides, he’s a musician we saw in 2017 Moscow, when on March 22 he spoke with his father Bernard Arnault and the mother of professional pianist hélène Mercier on the stage of the Moscow house of music.During an interview at the Paris headquarters of LVMH Frederick Arnaud assured me that, despite his commitment to novelty and age, TAG Heuer is not going to throw the mechanics and go in the direction connectionid from: “Connectione watch for us a serious challenge, and not an attempt to flatter the new generations. We needed a product that does not simply demonstrate that we keep up with the times, and will occupy part of the market will be competitive. But the mechanics, the classics will remain of great importance to us. I would be interested to work in the marches, which only makes connectione watch”. Answering the question about his future leadership style, whether it is intuition in the spirit of beaver or dimension in the spirit of Bianchi, Arnaud now says: “it’s both”.