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It is still permitted to barbecue and light a bonfire out in the woods and fields. Prohibition against fires will not enter into force before 15. april.

But the fire and redningsetaten in Oslo reminds that lighting fires and barbecues must be made with the greatest care. Both because of the koronasituasjonen, but also because it is dry.

On maundy Thursday was the parking lots at the marka chock-full of cars, which made it difficult for the fire department to park their cars when they once again had to respond to a wildfire.

– Those who should have been on the mountain, is not on the mountain and the park where they can. When there is no space, and then it cramped for the large fire engines to arrive and in some places, but that is not going forward, says vaktkommandør, Mike Grimstad, norway in Oslo 110-central, to NRK.

because of the current situation have the fire department in Oslo determined that the on good Friday must take a trip to the car parks and the roads in marka to tell people.

– It is the driest period of the year and undervegetasjonen is extremely dry, ” he says.

He thinks people forget that the forest – and gressbrannfaren is great even if it is not hot. Extra bad is it now, because it is so dry in the forests and fields, many people out there and a lot of wind.

do NOT CLOSE the ROAD FOR US ⚠️ We meet of the chock-full parking lots at the utfartsårene in marka. We realize that people…

Published by the Oslo fire – and redningsetat Thursday 9. april 2020

Simple steps you can take

the Acting director of information in the Oslo fire – and rescue, Sigurd Folgerø Valley explains how you can take some simple steps when you are out and grills.

– It is important that engangsgrillen not be placed directly on the ground. It must be placed on a ubrennbart surface and preferably lifted slightly above the ground. Then douse it thoroughly with water and dispose of it in a grillcontainer, if it is available where you are, ” says Folegerø Valley.

the Acting director of information in the Oslo fire – and rescue, Sigurd Folgerø Valley. You need javascript to see the video.

the Acting director of information in the Oslo fire – and rescue, Sigurd Folgerø Valley.

When it comes to fires encourage him people, first and foremost, to use the bonfire sites.

at the same time, one must take account of the wind and how dry it is in your area. There are winds and it is dry do not use open flames. It is that simple.

Beyond that he hopes that the people show the aktsomheten needed in koronasituasjonen. So that the fire department release large forest fires and may have people ready for those who might need help.

WAS SAVE: the Bike to Albrecht Hofheinz was save in the last minute after skogbrannen in Sørkedalen, Oslo on Tuesday.

Photo: Albrecht Hofheinz / Private Engangsgrill took the guy

One of those who have come to know the fear of forest fires are Albrecht Hofheinz. The fire in Sørkedalen, earlier this week spread and it was just before it took the guy in the bike to Hofheinz, who was on a tour in the area caught fire.

So it looked after the fire in Sørkedalen. Photo: Oslo fire – and rescue. You need javascript to see the video.

So it looked after the fire in Sørkedalen. Photo: Oslo fire – and rescue.

I locked the bike in the woods and went for a walk in the forest in three hours. While I was up in the woods I heard a part sirens and wondered what had happened, ” says Hofheinz.

It turned out that the fire department in Oslo had a full turnout after notification of a forest fire in the area.

As I approached the spot where I had locked the bike, everything was black. Then I thought ånei, ånei, ” he says.

He found the bike in a different place than the one he had parked it. The fire department had in fact felled a tree as the bike was locked to in order to save it.

the Bike was hot, the lock and the valve had melted. This led to the fact that the wheel punctured on the ride down to the city again.

put OUT: the Fire department responded to the fire in Sørkedalen on Tuesday earlier this week. Now they are worried that more such events can happen in the nearest future.

Photo: Albrecht Hofheinz / Private – Engangsgriller don’t have anything in the woods to make the

out Of curiosity asked Albrecht Hofheinz fire brigade on the spot what was the cause of the fire.

– Then showed fireman me an engangsgrill, it was the grill that started the fire, ” says Hofheinz.

as far As I understand they had as grilla even made contact with the fire department after it began to burn.

– the Fire department proposes to not use an open flame, at least be very careful. I think that engangsgriller not have anything in the forest to do, ” he says.

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