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It is now over three weeks ago, prime minister Erna Solberg (H) stated that koronakrisa would border public health and the economy in Norway is hard.

Although the Parliament behandlar far fewer cases than otherwise, there are several national political issues with konfliktpotensiale that has received little or no attention.

Political commentator Lars Nehru Sand in the NRK has seen several cases go quietly past them the last weeks. But he don’t think it has been controversial avgjerder that have been decided in the quiet.

– No, not that has been with me. But there are nevertheless many political debates that are not taken.

Here is some of it that go into the “koronaskuggen” (with links to the

1. Shooting of the wolverine

JERVESPRØYTE: Miljøministeren thought it one of lempa on the requirements.

Photo: the Norwegian nature inspectorate

the Government opened 10. march up for the Norwegian nature inspectorate get bedøva wolverine, except that a veterinarian is present, although the Statens legemiddelverk had seen such a condition. The day before they were the first norwegians sjukehusinnlagt with koronasmitte.

Before a avlivar a jervetispe, she must bedøvast to fastsetja though she’s ungar which cannot be overlatne to themselves.

It has been important to find a quick solution in this case. After a closer dialogue between the départements the debt, is the concern now clarified, explained miljøminister Sveinung Rotevatn (V).

If the Parliament could have wished to get to participate in the dialogue, commented he is not.

the Next day went Trine Skei Grande of that Venstreleiar and the minister, and the first Norwegian died of koronasmitte.

the Day after the announced prime minister Erna Solberg the most extensive krisetiltaka Norway has had in peacetime.

2. More oil and gas

OLJELEITING: minister of energy oppmuntra with new leiteløyve under koronakrisa.

Photo: Equinor / Ole Jørgen Bratland

the Government has suggested to grant permission to exploration for oil and gas on 36 new blocks in the Norwegian sea.

– In demanding times, it is important to planlegga for the future. The government put this right for many oil and gas production in a long-term perspective, wrote oil and energy minister Tina Bru (H).

She has until now been stand unchallenged. Much indicate well that it is not the full settlement in Norway that more petroleumsutvinning is the right medicine, but the media has barely discussed the proposal since it came 27. march.

3. Norway’s defence capability

GOT the GRADES: What think Nato about the Norwegian armed forces?

Photo: Edvin Wiggen Dahl / Defense

the Day before, that same day the mulla Krekar was disclosed to koronalandet Italy, presented to the ministry of Defence a european forskingsrapport about how the NATO allies are considering Norway’s defence capability.

The ” “various scenarios for the allied presence in peacetime and reinforcements in crisis and conflict, and also outlines some of the available alternatives for how Norway can strengthen deterrence and defense in the north”.

What grades the united STATES, France or Germany has given to the Norwegian armed forces, could have been thrilling to hear.

But it again to see if anyone outside the ministry have read the report and found something interesting.

4. No soldiers to Mali

NO THANKS: last year Norway 60 soldiers in Mali, but now says the government no to help military there.

Photo: Onar Digernes Aase / Defense Norway sends no soldiers to a fleirnasjonal Takuba-strength in Mali, report to the government 23. march.

France and Mali have asked Norway and several other european countries help to strengthen the maliske army’s ability to handtera the increasing terrorist threat in the area.

We are worried for the forverra the situation in the Sahel and understand well the need for this force. But we are lacking support in Parliament and is arrived at that the Norway not to join en, wrote secretary of defense Frank Bakke-Jensen (H).

Thus was mindretalet in Parliament no matter not presented his views on the matter, and you should search very well to find a mention in Norwegian media.

5. Life au pair prohibitions

While many australians sit in the 14 end koronakarantene, there came another drastic karanteneframlegg from the government.

Vertsfamiliar that utilise au pairen, to get the permanent quarantine and never more be allowed to have an au pair.

– There is no reason that vertsfamiliar that commit themselves ought also in very rough break on the au pair scheme or very serious criminal offences against au pairen, shall have the au pair again, stated justice minister Monica Mæland (H) 6. march.

With only one alternative, small stories she heard for the moment the last word on the matter.

6. DNA testing of immigrants

VOLUNTARY COERCION: the attorney general will only give familiegjenforeining if you accept the DNA test.

Photo: Hans Ludvig Andreassen / NRK

the Same day delivered the government a bill about that in the familieinnvandringssaker to søkarar and their nearest be mandatory DNA testing to be able to determine familierelasjonen. Until now it has been voluntary.

– We will not force any man, but in most cases, the application will be denied if a nectar to avlegga DNA test. This is an important contribution to that only people who have claims on the living, wrote the attorney general.

Forgjengaren her føreslo the same for one years ago. It came a few stories, but mostly were guilty of overskygga of focus on koronatesting.

Under the radar

Ap leader Jonas Gahr Støre is the partial dislocation of the political debate in the situation Norway is in the no.

– Issues should be debated wide, goes completely under the radar, ” he says.

Støre believes that konfrontasjonar about other issues can make people insecure at a time when one must do all one can to create safety and security.

– Therefore, I have urged the prime minister to object to matters with much discrepancy.

Even the cases that have reached the media and the public have been relatively quiet past. As the development in the controversy about the straumkabelen between Hardanger and Scotland.

– But that stortingsfleirtalet stop the construction of the NorthConnect cable would probably received more attention during the normal condition, says Sand.

you Will read about several decisions that have happened this spring? Here is a list of several:

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