In the site we Wanted to share news from the world of beauty that I want to get right now. Today in our wishlist — the emulsion Hydra Zen Anti-Stress Liquid Glow Moisturizer from Lancome. The tool promises to protect from negative externalities: pollution and radiation from electronic devices, as well as to help the skin to catch the “Zen” effectively moisturizing, soothing and filling with radiance.

many quarantined the skin became sensitive and irritated. Broken beauty routine, fatigue, computer work for the night, the list goes on — all this not only leads to an emotional overload, but also skin problems.

Psychological stress and the skin are closely related. Stress causes skin disorders, and skin diseases cause stress. It is a vicious circle,

says dermatologist Aliya Ahmed.

She explains that stress triggers the release of various chemical substances and hormones that cause inflammation (hence all sorts of skin problems). The stress hormone (cortisol) is known to affects the immune system, impairing the protective function of the skin, slowing healing and destroying a natural barrier.

To solve the problem, experts advise to use products with ceramides and hyaluronic acid. This we found in the range Hydra Zen Anti-Stress from Lancome. This summer she has replenished with a novelty — emulsion Hydra Zen Anti-Stress Glow. At first glance, the difference between a moisturizer and its “cousins” is solely in the package. It came in a tube with a pump, and not in a small jar. However, the new formula is quite different. This moisturiser has a light creamy liquid texture (like no serum, no traditional fluid means), but provides the same power, and more “creamy” version.

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feather-light, quickly absorbed and non-sticky formula does not clog pores and does not create the feeling of oily skin — what you need in hot summer.

as part of the 11 amino acids that can start the natural mechanisms of the skin, making it smooth and elastic. There were, of course, without of hyaluronic acid — a powerful component that retains moisture and promotes maximum hydration. Also Hydra Zen Anti-Stress Glow — organic aloe Vera, known for its emollient and antioxidant properties, and rose extract, a proprietary ingredient line Hydra Zen.

Working together, they struggle with dehydration, skin reactions, feeling of discomfort, tightness and dullness.

the Formula with a clear conscience can be called pure, it contains no alcohol, silicones, mineral oils, parabens or dyes.

Price — 4 580 RUB.