He cited data from a survey conducted on June 22, according to which 71% of our compatriots declared intention to participate in the plebiscite, of which 54% were sure of that. According to information from June 19, the number was 68%, 49% of them – with a high degree of probability talked about it.

“Therefore, the process of mobilization is, and obviously it will continue in the future,” said Mamonov round table EISI “a Historic decision. Perspectives and forecasts of voting on amendments to the Constitution of Russia”.

This is due to the increased awareness. Already 84% of Russians, according to VTSIOM, if the answer to the open question referred to the date of voting; electoral among active share is higher – 88%. That you can vote from June 25, you know 73% of all respondents.

the Second point, which has a positive effect on the interest – level of security: 85% of respondents who plan to vote, say that the measures of sanitary security are adequate, or even excessive. “Today, it leads to social approval to participate in the upcoming vote. Among electorally active 59% say that, most likely, the polls will be a lot of voters,” said Mamonov.

Besides, according to him, today every fourth declares that would like to participate in the voting in advance, while 60% expressed a preference for the basic day – July 1. “This new procedure of early voting during the week in General has caused the understanding and trust,” he said.