“the Draft resolution emphasizes that the charges in bogus check is necessary to prove that the landlord knew that the “guests” will not be with him for life. Article punishing for fake registration, was introduced in the UK in late 2013 and aimed at, inter alia, against the so-called “rubber apartments”, when at the same address, even in a small living space could be written tens and even hundreds of people. While virtually no one lived there,” explained the Chairman of the Board of Association of lawyers of Russia Vladimir Gruzdev.

He noted that in the prepared clarification indicated that the crime is considered ended from the moment of filing immigration documents containing false information in order of the fictitious registration.

“however, the courts emphasized that minor acts, although technically falling under the criminal code, but does not represent public danger, are not crimes. Therefore, fictitious registration, for example, a nephew who needs a residence permit to go to any specialized school in Moscow, should not be a crime,” – said Vladimir Gruzdev.

Although directly in the prepared decree about nephews a word, but in the aggregate explanations of the Supreme court can be interpreted that way. However, as some experts believe, it would be nice in the finalization of the project to specify some examples. Now the draft of the resolution sent to the editorial Board.

In turn, RAPSI notes that, according to a prepared clarification, a forced crossing of the state border under extraordinary circumstances does not constitute a crime.