Vlad Sokolovsky

a Few hours ago on the YouTube channel Super was published a new edition of “Alain, damn it!”, the main hero of which was the 28-year-old Vlad Sokolovsky. In conversation with leading Alena Zhigalova the singer for the first time openly spoke about his divorce from 30-year-old Rita Dakota, his relation to her current boyfriend Belogay Fedor and his new girlfriend — a model, singer and member of the casting group Serebro angelina Surkova.

Vlad admitted that the breakup with Rita, which occurred due to his numerous infidelities, he was given very difficult. The singer admitted that it was one of the most difficult periods in his life, because then he turned away from almost everything:

At the time of the divorce I lost everything — first of all, a family, a lot of loved ones, respect, essentially to keep me knocked out tremendously. The profession for a time is also lost because the loyalty was gone, everybody turned me down. But it was a good time. The first time I did that poorly understood and realized. I’ve never’s cycle on how I feel more worried about the other. Me in one fell swoop covered the harsh, very harsh realization of everything that happened, and I am a very long time engaged in self-flagellation. But no one showed. I didn’t have hysteria, I did not explode, was not trying to show that I am well.

Vlad Sokolovsky

Vlad said, that does not condemn ex-wife’s overly emotional reaction during the first months after their breakup. Sokolowski also explained why he was silent — he just didn’t want to aggravate an already difficult situation:

I want to say in justification of Rita — not from the perspective that she was doing something wrong, but from the perspective that she then also collapsed wave. She’s human, she’s a woman that this situation has occurred, and my position initially — she has a right to these emotions. I don’t think she had me blanch. It is her right and no this is nothing terrible. Why I went: because I didn’t want further conflict. I tried the best I could most of all smooth. Then, after the situation, tried not to provoke. I wrote one post, and everything else I don’t think the public domain is our personal moments that only we know.

Rita Dakota with daughter MIA

Vlad also admitted that he regrets the mistakes made in the relationship with his ex-wife, but it is believed that this situation taught him a lot:

By and large, this was my the ass-kicking I received in this way. Complex. And I’m sorry, that’s the way I got it, not DoD��Malta himself. According to Sokolovsky, the reason for their breakup with Rita Dakota was his own unawareness. According to the artist, they are with ex-wife love “to cover up the newspaper and carry on”, do not disassemble the problems and work them out. Now Sokolovsky is convinced that the relationship is primarily the work of two partners who want to between them was a deliberate communication.

Sokolowski also told about his attitude to the new boyfriend of Rita Dakota. The singer admitted that he knew Fedor before they with Rita started Dating, and said that he was very happy for her ex-lover:

I am glad, honestly, genuinely happy. I’m her lover knew even before they started Dating. For me it was important to know who will be, to contact my child. And I’m talking about Fyodor know only good. And when I see that Rita is happy that she is blooming, she has a creativity that with her good man, and around my baby’s a good man, I’m glad, because I Ride supercasino relate.

Vlad Sokolovsky with his parents and daughter MIA, Rita Dakota with her lover Fyodor Belagaum

Sokolowski and Told about his new relationship with 21-year-old finalist of the casting in the group Serebro angelina Surkova. Vlad said that he and angelina have been Dating for over 9 months and spent quarantine. The singer said that they Surkova broke up because both of each other did not fit.

we Have a very strange the situation was. We do a few times in the course of this relationship go back and forth, we had a swing for a number of reasons. And the last time it was at the end of March, then there was a withdrawal, then was diagnosed (Vlad Sokolovsky in mid-may had coronavirus. — Approx. ed.). And during this period we came to what we run, but we were not given this opportunity. So the last two weeks we were in the understanding that we disagree, but could not do this physically f*** K W*** two weeks

— said Sokolov.

angelina Surkov

Vlad Sokolovsky

In his instagram while Vlad already told that the interview with his participation was recorded in mid-June, and during that time they angelina has managed to reconcile. As proof, he posted a video in which girlfriend cooks him pancakes.

the Morning saw an interview that I gave in mid-June. A lot has changed for the better. Baby cheesecakes were great,

— wrote under the video, Vlad.