the Singer and composer Yuri Loza in interview RIA FAN commented on the statements of the Soviet and Georgian actor Vakhtang Kikabidze on Russian politics and urged not to pay for the artist’s attention.

Earlier Kikabidze in a conversation with a Ukrainian journalist Dmitry Gordon has stated that it will go on tour in Russia, but only if the country’s policy will change. The actor lamented the fact that such a huge, beautiful and hospitable country as Russia, inhabited by wonderful people, all the time “cause the neighbours inconvenience”, and Russian politicians continue to “play in the conquerors.”

“If you went in to the tank with some sort of flag in this country you don’t have to go” – expressed its position 81-year-old Georgian artist.

the Vine is called not to reflect about the words about Russia, which made residents of other States. He noted that, for example, in the United States, the Russian Federation referred to as the “evil Empire”.

“well, now all Americans will go through? And each answer, or what? There is a good Russian proverb: “the Dog barks, the caravan moves on,” said Vine in an interview with the Russian online edition.

From his point of view, Kikabidze not read historical books, so do not know how much Russia has done for Georgia. Vine also said that Moscow could send troops in the Transcaucasian Republic, but the Russian leadership did not.

“not a single inch of Georgian land was not annexed or severed. What Kikabidze nonsense talk to me?” — said the composer.

in addition, the Vine pointed to the age of the actor, who in July will turn 82 years old. According to the musician, there are so many senile diseases associated with mental disorder. “We don’t know in what state now Kikabidze”, — summed up the Vine.

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