Video tutorials and a marathon of tasks how will robotics online season

started In the capital of the robotic online-the season for students from third to eleventh grades. For them have prepared video tutorials on robotics, marathon assignments in the online simulator and the competition of creative projects.

the Program of the season is designed so that the children had the opportunity to learn how to program robots, create 3D models for future inventions and participate in online competitions.

for Example, students in the fifth — sixth grade thanks to the online lessons. This will help them head coach of Moscow on robotics Sergey Mustafin. The course will be useful for the guys that already have experience in creating robots.

for Students of the fourth to eleventh grades are invited to participate in the online competition. Children will solve robotic tasks, learn to work in a virtual environment, learn, develop, and implement algorithms for mobile robot control.

the Marathon takes place. Students each week will receive tasks that must be completed within 10 days. To participate you must register on the site.

the results of completed jobs can be monitored through the standings. The results of the marathon will summarize at the end of June.

In an online contest of creative projects, participants are requested to send a presentation and video demonstration of the capabilities of the device.

More on the robotics online-season can be found on the website. br>