The largest outpatient cancer care center (CAOP) of the Moscow Multidisciplinary Clinical Center (MMCC) has opened in the capital “Kommunarka”. During the first days of work, almost 3.5 thousand consultations were held here, said Saida Gadzhieva, deputy head of the Moscow Department of Health.

The center is located in several renovated buildings at the address: 22 Azovskaya Street, buildings 1, 2 and 3. Everything was done here for the convenience and comfort of visitors: ramps and handrails for people with limited mobility were installed on all floors, special recording posts were organized, waiting areas, cafes, a pharmacy were equipped.

They started taking patients on December 26, a total of 470 people per shift can be taken here. The center employs oncologists, mammologists, oncogynecologists, oncourologists, chemotherapists and other specialists — more than 400 employees in total. Among them are 163 doctors and 167 employees of secondary and junior medical personnel.

CT, MRI, mammograph, ultrasound machines were installed in the center — more than four thousand pieces of equipment, medical devices and equipment in total.

The new standard of oncological care was introduced in Moscow three years ago. During this time, anchor oncological hospitals have been identified, in which specialists with extensive experience in the treatment of oncological diseases of various localization work. Each includes a pathomorphological laboratory, outpatient oncological care centers, oncosurgery buildings and other institutions. Diagnostics and treatment of specialized patients are concentrated in one place, here you can go through a full cycle — from diagnosis, treatment, drug therapy, chemotherapy to dispensary observation.