A man beaten unconscious by Black Lives Matter hooligans in Portland and seen in a viral video, had shared posts mocking George Floyd before his ordeal, the New York Post reports. The paper was accused of defending the attackers.

Adam Haner was brutally beaten by Black Lives Matter rioters in Portland, Oregon, over the weekend. In a graphic video, one of the attackers can be seen landing a running kick directly into Haner’s face, and police are now searching for this suspect.

Haner apparently stopped his truck to come to the aid of a transgender woman being robbed by the mob, before the crowd turned on him. 

In a bizarre addition to the story, the New York Post on Wednesday ran a story detailing Haner’s history of anti-BLM social media posts. Hours before he was beaten, Haner posted “George Floyd was a 46-year old felon, high on Fentanyl, and he got 4 televised funerals and 70 days of riots. What does 5-year old Cannon Hinnant get?” referring to a white child shot in the head by his adult black neighbor in North Carolina a week ago.

Not an anti Floyd meme, just an anti hypocrisy one.

Though the New York Post didn’t outright blame Haner’s posts for causing his attack, Conservatives accused the paper of “victim blaming,” and implying that Haner somehow deserved to be beaten.

I always love the victim blaming & defense of attackers in these “anti-racist beat downs”“But he said the N word” …okay, not a good thing to say, but you still can’t assault him“He was against BLM” okay, he has the right to believe that but you still can’t jump him for that

Social media comments your attackers didn’t even know about can justify your assault

He insulted Saint George??!!

Oh okay. So the fact that George Floyd was a violent dangerous felon high on meth and fentanyl and resisting arrest is completely irrelevant, but the fact that this guy posted a meme before he was knocked unconscious is relevant enough to warrant a headline about it. Makes sense.

The Post also described how Haner posted an “All lives matter” image on his Facebook page, and one suggesting that rioters’ own homes should be burned down. However, Haner’s friends and supporters left him their own encouraging comments on these posts.

“Sorry that the New York Post is trying to victim shame you for having political opinions after you were beaten within a hair of your life,” one wrote.

The assault on Haner took place after more than 80 straight nights of rioting in Portland. Mayor Ted Wheeler has been criticized by the Right for failing to stamp out the lawlessness, despite insisting last month that the situation was under control and asking President Donald Trump to withdraw federal law enforcement agents from the city. Arson, vandalism and violence still plague Portland, and rioters on Tuesday night set a government building on fire.

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