Shocked viewers feared for Jordan Titoni’s health after the Cage Fury Fighting Championships featherweight was unconscious for 15 minutes following his knockout loss to Pat Sabatini, slumping to the canvas after a flurry of blows.

“Super tough” Jiu Jitsu warrior Titoni collapsed after taking hits flush to his face from Sabatini in the closing stages of the first round of their contest in Mississippi, which was stopped by the referee after the American was pinned against the cage while struggling to defend himself from his opponent’s onslaught.

Titoni was not instantly knocked down by the assault but doctors were soon concerned as he remained on the canvas long after his loss at the CFFC 84 event, where he had been making his first official appearance for the promotion.

Former champion Sabatini’s initial celebrations with his team turned to concern as he realized that the punches to Titoni’s body and chin had culminated in a more long-term threat to his victim’s health.

Scary situation at #CFFC84. Fighter standing KO’d then crashes to the mat seconds later. Backboard being brought out. He’s been down for a longggg time. Prayers up for Jordan Titoni 🙏

Wow… Brutal finish just now at #CFFC84 Pat Sabatini knocked Jordan Titoni out standing and he face plants once the ref waves it off. He’s leaving on a stretcher, but gave a thumbs up as he was taken out of the cage 🙏

On a more serious note, Pat Sabatini got a standing KO over Jordan Titoni at #CFFC84 and Titoni didn’t not stand back up after falling down. He just got loaded on a stretcher after minutes on the ground. Very scary.

Titoni was described by one source as “unresponsive” to treatment, although he was said to have raised his thumb in the air as he was eventually carried from the ring on a stretcher.

The 11-fight professional, who had won six times and been knocked out twice in his fully-fledged career, was sent to hospital by the emergency medical team at the Horseshoe Tunica casino.

Factory X, the Colorado MMA gym representing Titoni, revealed that a CT scan on the fighter’s brain and medical scans “came back clear” around two hours later.

“Jordan Titoni is doing better and moving,” they had announced in the aftermath of the worrying finale.

“Fighters quite literally lay their lives on the line in the name of entertainment.”

Update on Jordan Titoni. He is concious and communicating. Titoni is headed to the hospital for further evaluation per @JessicaPenne#CFFC84.

Jordan Titoni was conscious and responding well before being taken to the hospital. Amazing news!! #CFFC84

⚫️ UPDATE TO THE UPDATE: CT scan and medicals came back clear! Thank you for your prayers, all! 🙅🏽‍♂️🙏🏼

“God bless you, Jordan, and all fighters who risk it all to follow their dreams.”

The group called Sabatini’s response “incredibly genuine and respectful”, and sports agent David Fish added: “I can say with certainty that Pat’s concern for Jordan was real. Pat’s one of the nicest guys in this sport.”

Titoni said he had been out for almost a year but had not changed his unsparing approach to his camp for the fight. “I go hard every damn day,” he explained.

“I don’t care about what’s next – I just care about today. That’s going to transfer over to Pat Sabatini. It’s been a year in the making and it’s coming.”

Sabatini, 29, retains ambitions to fight in the UFC, having only lost his title because of a gruesome arm injury sustained during CFFC 81 in February.

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Praising Titoni as a “pretty scrappy guy” before their encounter, he told CFFC: “He comes from a good camp.

“He’s got some wrestling. Likes to push the pace. It should be a good scrap.

“I feel like I match up very well against him. I feel like I definitely have to go in, get a finish – or a couple of finishes.

“That’s what I’m prepared to do. I’m not going to fight for a decision. I’m going to look to get that finish every minute when I’m in there.”