“Vedomosti” and “Izvestiya” ceased publishing in a printed version at the time of the quarantine.
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the Newspaper “Vedomosti” this week will not go in the printed version, will work only site.

“No, (the newspaper will not come out). In General, nowhere to go and nobody to it (the newspaper) to deliver. The website is running smoothly. We try it once, maybe expand”, – told RIA “news” acting chief editor, “Vedomosti” Andrey Shmarov.

Decisions on access to the electronic version of the newspaper, according to Shmarova, not yet. “But things are changing with such speed that, maybe some new solutions will take this. But while we are talking about what is going to function the website in the usual way,” said Shmarov.

Suspend the release of the newspaper “Izvestia” reported in Friday’s issue. “In connection with the announcement in the country from March 28 to April 5, the output of the next newspaper will be released on 6th of April”, – stated in the room.