Valeria will give an online concert especially for physicians

In a concert the singer has included their best hits, and also it will present the premiere of songs. Recently, Valeria has recorded a new duet with Maxim Fadeev, a collaborative song called “To the limit”. Today this title is more relevant than ever.

His decision to give an online concert the singer explains that “misses the stage, the audience, in this amazing exchange of energy” and sincerely rejoice that you can devote this concert to the doctors, which “are today so difficult a service.”

By the way, for Valerie this project is not commercial.

“We at this concert do not make money, – says the producer of the singer and her husband Joseph Prigozhin and it support people who are at the forefront in the first place, and all our fans too, of course. Always great artists to respond to emergencies, and Joseph Kobzon, and other stars. Here we were no exception.”