“This is a noble gesture and a worthy example of the active participation of our social partners in combating the spread of COVID-19. I am sincerely grateful personally Vagit Alekperov and the LUKOIL company for support, which is particularly important for our region”, – said the acting head of the Komi Republic Vladimir Uiba.

“Help rendered timely. We will be able to provide emergency care to support more patients, to significantly improve the quality of medical services. New personal protective equipment and antiseptics will help protect against infection of medical staff”, – said the act is known oilman chief doctor of the Central district hospital of the city of Usinsk Maxim Churkin.

the Epidemiological situation in Usinsk on the General background of the Republic of Komi remains one of the most intense. The city is industrialized, which leads to the presence in it of large numbers of immigrants workers and the high risks of the spread of the disease. In this regard, in Usinsk from the end of April there are additional measures, including restriction of entry into the territory of the city.

Previously, the company Usinsky infectious Department CRH was equipped with centralized oxygen supply system and compressed air required to operate resuscitation equipment (ALV). Also, work is underway on arrangement of a Wi-Fi network with unlimited Internet access at the hospital. From April 10 LUKOIL runs free ambulances and fleet hospitals in the Republic of Komi.