to Obtain an unqualified signature can anyone with a confirmed account on the portal. The keys to verify the signature will be formed there, in a private office. With this signature will also enter into leases of Federal property and commit other acts, the list of which will be the Ministry of communications.

the Practice of using electronic signatures is widespread, says Oksana Kurochkina, the managing partner of “law for business”. Businesses prefer to issue qualified signature in the special certifying centers. This gives him access to a wide range of public services.

However, the common man most of them are not needed. Therefore, to obtain a small number of services using unskilled signature becomes a very handy tool, especially in the period of the pandemic. We can talk about low-risk operations, such as placing a tax deduction after the purchase of the property.

“doubtful point about the possibility of making transactions, – says Oksana Kurochkina. – Have repeatedly documented cases of fraud by reusing the client’s electronic signature. So it is very important the degree of protection”.