Thursday closed for the traffic and rasutsette E16 between Bergen and Voss on the new. In five years stamvegstrekninga between the country’s two largest cities, shut over 200 times.

When will the traffic directed into the narrow ways through the Hardanger, which is not dimensioned for trafikkmengda. Especially bad is it between Øystese and Granvin, where the road barely has yellow midtstripe.

thus, Vestland county council put in the time utbetring of several flaskehalsar. In the course of three years they shall make it, 46 million on this.

its neighbours fryktar accidents

One of the higher places are Believed in Kvam municipalities, on county road 79, in which about two million are used.

NARROWING: the Road can have a constriction on the opposite side of the busshaldeplassen. Vestland county council think it will be better when vegmarkeringa come in place.

Photo: Speech Hauso / NRK

the inhabitants of the area are well fornøgde with the vegstubben that have been broader. The problem is that the extended will be completed right by a busshaldeplass.

They have widened the road 100 metres, and then left again twelve metres. It is quite incredible that they have done it this way, ” says grunneigar Alf of Raw.

When the road has been given a narrowing, fryktar they lokalkjende that the cars that come susande in the 80 kilometres an hour will legga into busslomma. They think that the speed increase when parts of the road is the fix.

– It is farlegare for all, especially for skuleungane who stand and wait on the bus, ” says Raw.

He ristar on the head of that wall has been the proud wreck.

– It is a completely illogical trafikkbilete. I’ve not seen anything similar before. It is strange that this is not been successfully halted, think he.

WINDING stone WALL: – I’ve not seen anything similar before, ” says grunneigar Alf of Raw. He stated, and critical to the end result.

Photo: Speech Hauso / NRK – Been who ordered the

Vestland county council has been at the synfaring at the place, and they have listed a part innspel from the local community and the municipality. Nevertheless, prosjektleiaren content with it as is done on Believed.

the Result is as ordered. I can not see any reason why the wall should rivast, says project manager Kathrine Lono Lahlum.

She påpeikar that there is limited funding for these utbetringsprosjekta, and that one therefore can’t get done all that one could wish.

According to Lahlum, it has also had an impact that støypekanten is built on top of an existing wall, and it has been important that the work not lead to the closure of the road.

Prosjektleiaren believe that the local community will come to be more fornøgde when vegbanen get use the white selection on the freshly prepared asphalt.

– When you get marked veglinja will the road be viewed in a completely other way, ” says Kathrine Lono Lahlum.

There is nothing grunneigaren want to settle down with.

– The bend they have created here, the need to away no matter, says Alf of Raw.