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Marie-France Hirigoyen is a psychiatrist in Paris. She tells about a woman who is trapped with a violent man. When the man drinks, are the effects worse.

With nedstengningene has the risk been even greater, she says to France 24:

– She called me just and said that the man went out to shop and buy alcohol. She is terrified of what happens when he comes back.

the Same story all over the world

From Hubei to Berlin, from Rio de Janeiro to Paris, from Madrid to Bratislava is now turned alarm from organizations that work with violence in close relationships.

the Stories are the same in several countries, a sharp increase in violence after the families are trapped in a small space.

French police report that the last week was an increase of between 32 and 36 per cent of the reviews of the domestic violence, reports Reuters. In Rio de Janeiro in cases of domestic violence increased by 50 percent since the closure began. It says a judge with responsibility for such matters, Adrianna Mello, to Istoé. In Catalonia, the number of inquiries to a krisetelefon up by 20 per cent in the first few days after the closure, writes the Guardian. In the whole of Spain, there was an increase of 270 per cent in the number of inquiries on a state website for victims of violence in close relationships. In Cyprus was the rise in enquiries to a krisetelefon 30 per cent in the first week. – There is a 24-hour hotline and people call all the time, ” says Annita Draka who works with the helpline in Cyprus. The police station in Jianli, in the koronarammede chinese Hubei province, received 162 reviews on domestic violence in February. It is more than three times as many as the number of reviews in February of last year. says the retired police officer Wan Fei to the Sixth Tone. In the Uk there has been an increase of 25 per cent in the number of enquiries to the national krisetelefonen for domestic violence, reports the BBC.

– times of crisis have always led to an increase of violence, says Caroline De Haas in the French kvinnegruppen Nous All.

A pharmacist crossing an empty street in the sørspanske town of Ronda. Over large parts of the world, pharmacies and supermarkets are the only intersections that people have.

Photo: JON NAZCA / JON NAZCA Code at the pharmacy

In many countries in Europe, pharmacies and grocery stores are the only stores that is open.

the Contact with the shops are often the only breathing space for the victims who suffer at home.

For a few minutes, they can drop away from the perpetrator, and at best, get notified about what happens in the hidden.

In Spain has thousands of medicine gone together on an action where the women can notify what they are exposed to at home.

If a woman comes into the pharmacy and asks for “Mascarilla 19” – “Mask 19” – goes the alarm in his head on it behind the counter.

Apotekeren call so the emergency number 112 and the police will be inserted, type RTVE.

the Action began in the Canary islands and has since spread across the rest of Spain.

Only in the sørspanske the region of Andalucia collaborates 3800 apothecary on the fundraiser “Mascarilla 19”, writes El Correo.

Also, France has taken in the use kodeordet at the pharmacies. “Masque 19” is the French variant.

28. in march a man was arrested in the østfranske the city of Nancy after his wife had notified the pharmacist that she was abused.

the Victim didn’t need to use kodeordet. She was alone and could speak freely, says the u.s. attorney in Nancy, François Pérain, to Le Parisien.

the Poster from the pharmacies on the Canary islands who started the campaign.

Several unusual measures

the Actions with the notification of the pharmacy is one of the more unusual measures that are being implemented in order to protect the victims of violence in the home.

In France the government has opened to rent hotel rooms where victims can stay to get away from the abuser. Equality minister Marlene Schiappa says that there can be talk of as many as 20,000 hotel rooms. The French minister of the interior says that women who are in a violent situation can take contact with the police by sending an SMS to 114. An attorney general in the Italian city of Trento has decided that in voldssaker have the perpetrator leave the home, not the victim.

A residential building in Berlin, photographed last Thursday. Over the whole of Europe is now switched alarm about more violence in the home.

Photo: TOBIAS SCHWARZ / TOBIAS SCHWARZ – Like to live in a trykkoker

Florence Claudepierre leads a foreldreorganisasjon in the østfranske the region of Haut-Rhin.

She says that the risk is not limited to those families where there was violence before koronaepidemien.

In addition to the stress of being trapped, fear of many, a future without work and with the economic uncertainty, ” says Claudepierre .

One of those who are working with women who are exposed to violence is the nurse Patricia Vasseur at the Hôtel-Dieu hospital in Paris.

She compares to stay together with a voldsutøver with a trykkoker where the pressure just increases and increases.

– They are not allowed to go out, but they can escape. They must escape and alert, ” says Vasseur to Francetvinfo.

Will have the protection of women into among the measures

Violence against women and children is something we unfortunately see that blossom into crises. It is already a big problem, ” says foreign minister Ine Eriksen Søreide to NRK.

Un secretary-general António Guterres urges the countries in the world to include the protection of women as part of their measures against koronapandemien.

Violence happens not only on the battlefield. For many women are the biggest threat where they should be safe – in their own homes, said Guterres in a video.

We know that the restrictions and quarantine are necessary to combat covid-19, but it can shut down the women inside with a violent partner, ” says the secretary general on.

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