Herbie Hancock went from classical piano to become a legend in the field of jazz and funk. Now fills the active musician 80 years and is hopefully on the way to Denmark.

He was just 11 years old, when he as appointed the talent were allowed to play a Mozart concerto with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra in his hometown of Chicago.

the Talent has never left Herbie Hancock, who 12. april reaches 80 years of age.

But even as a teen, he turned his back to the classical piano concertos, and threw himself into jazz music with an ear and a sense of rhythm that has made him one of the all time greatest jazz and funkmusikere.

another of the jazzgenrens masters, Miles Davis, got wind of the young virtuoso and incorporated him from 1963 as a vital part of his bands rhythm section.

while Miles Davis got the young Herbie Hancock, a taste for the emerging scene of electronic music and threw itself as one of the first over the keyboard.

This he did so cleverly that he is also in the field of electronic music today stands as a beacon that has inspired many others.

Among them, he has inspired, the Danish hip hop pioneers from Rockers by Choice.

the members of the Group huddle in the middle of the 1980s together for a Herbie Hancock concert in the now defunct Saga in Copenhagen.

Hancock was one of the very first to introduce a dj, Grandmixer DST, as part of the band scratchede on records and used a mixing console.

This new sound appeared, among others, in an iconic version of Herbie hancock’s big hit from 1983 “Rockit”.

And the concert made a great impression on the Danish boys, who took home to Amager and embarking on the hip hop genre.

It has, however, through the years most of all been jazzpublikummet that have folded in the hands, when Herbie Hancock has visited Denmark.

Here, he has several times drawn full houses at the Copenhagen Jazz Festival, where the 80-year-old musician also in the year is appointed to the role as a headliner.

Herbie Hancock, who has won no fewer than 14 grammy awards, is also on the poster at this year Skanderborg festival in august.

If, therefore, coronavirusset don’t end up with to scupper the plans.