Unknown reported about

Photo: TASS/Gareth Fuller/PA Images

Unknown sent to emergency services information about the “mining” of six aircraft, flying to Moscow and from Moscow, reports TASS.

the Vessel in the air.

2 APR attackers reported bomb threat on all planes that were at the airport Sheremetyevo. They were examined, experts found dangerous objects.

Such information received in March. 26 th of this affected flights Moscow – Rostov-on-don, Moscow – Chelyabinsk, Ekaterinburg – Moscow, Saint-Petersburg – Moscow and Moscow – Perm.

As of the 25th it became known about the threat of explosion on Board five planes that were flying to the capital from her. In particular, they went in flight Novosibirsk – Moscow, Moscow – Chelyabinsk, Moscow – Saransk, Irkutsk – Moscow, Tyumen – Moscow. On March 24th unknown “mined” 13 ships per day.

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