As reported in the press service of the faction, the measures sent to the Secretary of General Council of “United Russia” Andrei Turchak – suggested to be included in the national action plan in the field of recovery after the pandemic coronavirus.

In order to reduce unemployment, the deputies proposed to legalize temporary work remotely as a new form of employment. The initiators believe that it is necessary to make more flexible the existing Labor code provisions on permanent work.

in addition, it should regulate the procedure of interaction of the employee and the employer in remote operation.

In particular, such employees “should be given the right to be offline, it should not be in the mode of constant communication with supervisor and colleagues,” said the MPs.

it is also Proposed that the maximum transition to the online format of the employment service. “Lost income of an individual entrepreneur or self-employed person should be entitled to unemployment benefit without carrying out procedures for closing their business,” he added.

the Parliamentarians, in addition, we intend to initiate a discussion on the transition to unemployment insurance with co-payments of the parties of labour relations.

the “United Russia” – the postponement of the introduction of mandatory labeling for those product groups for which its introduction provided for in 2020. Because it is impossible to prevent failures due to the effects of declining business activity during the period of the pandemic coronavirus infection, explained the developers.

Another measure on a quarterly basis to regulate the price of medicines from the list vital and essential. In addition, the “medicinal” set of proposals – the establishment of the zero rate VAT on imported medicines and pharmaceutical substances, as well as zero customs duty on import of pharmaceutical substances.

Most of the proposed measures should be taken promptly (June – August 2020), and some – in the medium term (until 2020), some of them in the long term (until 2024).

Turchak has previously stated that following the meeting of the working group of the parties on the preparation of proposals in the plan specific measures will be generated and sent to the President and the government.