“the Military-construction complex of the Ministry of defence has mastered the technology of rapid construction of a typical major medical centers with capacity from 60 to 200 beds,” stated the head of state.

the Cost of one equipped turn-key space in them – 5.5 million rubles, and the construction period is from 28 to 60 days, said Putin. “The fact is, if necessary, within a few weeks, they can be deployed in any region,” he said.

the President instructed the government and the Ministry of defence to consider the possibility of the spread of such practices. The more requests there are. Need to share with the regions the technology and the expertise that they were able to build the one-stop in no time, he called.

this Cabinet needs to perform all the necessary construction requirements and procedures and submit suggestions for their simplification. “An epidemic sooner or later will fight, it will end. But before us today and for the future are ambitious goals for the development of health infrastructure in the regions”, – said Putin, adding that it is necessary to use the knowledge gained in these months experience. Building solutions should be the most advanced, he said.

“We many times discussed this: all sorts of SNiP-wheezing and attach themselves to this type of activity, the quasi-participants in the process that you have to clean up in the end. It is necessary to restore order there, – concluded the President again praised the defense Ministry for the prompt and quality work. – I ask the government to revisit how to address all these issues in a serious way in the near future to report on their proposals”.