– the average number of test per day people were 99-105 100 thousand, according to the standards of the day is enough to test 70 people, – said the head of territorial administration Rospotrebnadzora Tatyana Cetkovska.

“Unit” – the same prevalence of infection, which the CPS directs the regions to move to the first stage of the lifting of restrictions. This time the regional authorities were waiting for a long time. According to Primorye territory Governor Oleg Kozhemyako, “people are tired” from the isolation, in addition, the restrictions have led to negative phenomena in the economy: the crisis has affected 20 thousand entrepreneurs, the regional budget will not be missing 21 billion.

the first stage will gradually resumed work hairdressers, beauty salons, dry cleaners, tailors, repair shops, open stores, shops with a separate entrance with an area of 400 squares. People are allowed to exercise outside, if the distance between them not less than five meters. With the figure of 0.8 would be turn on to the second stage.

to prevent the growth of disease will be enhanced by the work of the administrative commissions. The partial lifting of restrictions will affect all municipalities of the region except closed on quarantine of Nakhodka city district, where a quarter of all, who was diagnosed with coronavirus.

on Tuesday, the authorities of the Sakhalin region was allowed to resume work at restaurants and bars, cafes and dining. Previously opened large shopping centers and stores selling manufactured goods.

in Order to prevent the spread of coronavirus, institutions have to serve the customers from 7 to 21 hours. Facilities required to prepare to receive guests – set partitions or to arrange the desks so that they were at a distance of 1.5 meters from each other. Each can only sit two people. “Allowed to be no more than 50 visitors,” – said in Rospotrebnadzor and recalled that catering establishments are obliged to notify the Agency on the resumption of work and get recommendations health doctors.

the News that cafes and restaurants given the “green light” Sakhalin perceived differently. Most – optimistic, and someone restrained. “The whole family to sit at the same table is impossible? But if we have two children?” – surprised resident of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Faith Koksharova. Restaurants and cafes are still not allowed to smoke hookah, hold banquets and receptions. In the area remain closed children’s games rooms, karaoke bars and Nightclubs.

last week in Sakhalin region have reopened libraries, museums began to receive visitors in small groups. Island travel agencies are allowed to conduct tours in the open air.

Prepared alexander Filimonenko