Additional funds from the Federal budget on payments to physicians working with patients with mers can be allocated from the Federal budget.

this was stated by the Minister of health of Russia Mikhail Murashko in an interview on the First channel. Thus, according to the Minister, the regions have already received the necessary funds for payments to physicians for may. “Money lists was in April, and the month of may. All the money from the Federal budget for these payments left and entered the regions”, – said the Minister.

Earlier he said that the payments for April were more than 153 thousand health workers. Among the payments received almost 32 thousand doctors, about 81 thousand nurses and 18.6 thousand representatives of nurses, about 22 thousand of the ambulance drivers. “I also want to note that the Federal agencies involved in the care of patients with coronavirus infection, also received payments. A total of 15 070 medical workers”, – said earlier the spine.