Doctors believe that respirators are useless to coronasyge, but they can free up capacity.

In a video message send the president of the EUROPEAN Commission on Tuesday, a thank you to Denmark to help Italy with a field hospital and the ventilators, which, according to the two Danish doctors are useless for the treatment of bovine pleuropneumonia coronapatienter.

– I’m grateful that Denmark sends respirators and a field hospital in Italy, says Ursula von der Leyen in the message.

Contributed by respirators, that comes from the Defence inventory, has received criticism from specialists.

They are useless to lungepatienter, and Denmark “wasting the italians ‘time” with these respirators, the president of the Danish society for Anaesthesia and Intensive Medicine, Joachim Hoffmann-Petersen, said

the Reason was, according to two doctors, that they are obsolete, and it is not possible to fine-tune the amount of oxygen, which would be essential for the treatment.

It should be pointed out, however, that the older respirators may be used for other purposes, and thus they can release other models for coronapatienter. On the way, they can be an indirect help.

According to Ursula von der Leyen, the EU is on the way with the first 150 respirators, which are paid with EU funds. They will be sent to the countries that have the most acute needs.

She mentions Italy and Spain as two EU countries where the healthcare system is under the greatest pressure.

– Support from the EU and other EU-countries is vital so that you can help them deal with the pandemic. Our european solidarity can save lives, says Ursula von der Leyen.

Previously it communicated, that the doctors and nurses from Norway and Romania would travel to Italy to help.

There has been criticism from several countries of a lack of solidarity in the EU, since member states were hit by coronakrisen.

in Addition, there have been examples of that among the other protective equipment being withheld from one EU country to another. The Sweden has complained.

Italy had to wait long, before there came responses in a broad appeal for help from the european UNION countries in march.

Denmark’s foreign minister, Jeppe Kofod (S), announced the 8. april on the basis of a request from Italy, which had come six days earlier, that would help Italy with respirators, a field hospital and 7.5 million dollars.