460.000 employees in the private sector have children who have the opportunity to return to school or day care.

Wednesday will open the first day care centres, kindergartens and schools up to 5. class, and thus returns the children back to a more normal daily life.

at The same time, their parents no longer care for or find care for the kids while at the same time they must care for their work.

the Danish Industry with a background in the figures from Statistics Denmark estimated that 460.000 employees in private enterprises has children up to 11 years, as in 5. class.

About half of the country’s municipalities are ready to open schools and day care centers on Wednesday, and the remaining will come drypvis over the following days.

Lars Sandahl Sørensen, ceo of Danish Industry, calls the opening of schools and day care centers essential for Danish businesses.

– It means huge for so many parents, they get some hours in the daytime, where they can interact with their colleagues – either because they can meet up physically or get more concentrated work time at home, he says.

– The past weeks have been extremely pressured, because many employees with children are not able to work effectively.

– Therefore, it is of enormous importance for Danish companies, schools and institutions can rise to the task to open again, ” says Lars Sandahl Sørensen.

It is, however, not all of the 460.000 employees in the private sector, which is currently working.

Thousands are sent home under the scheme, with compensation paid, which Parliament has adopted.

in addition to the employees in the private sector there will also be public service employees with minor children, who must continue to work at home and thus can look forward to more peace to work.

It can be, for example, clerks in municipalities, government agencies or ministries.

however, It will not be all of the parents who send their children to school or day care.

Not all institutions have the opportunity to take all the children who are enrolled, because there are a number of guideline for distance and space. It is among others the case in the city of Copenhagen.

at the same time, there will be parents who keep their children at home for various reasons.

It can be, for example, due to illness, you are at risk or infected with the coronavirus.