“Kommersant Style” tells how to save time on skin care in summer.Tinted sunscreen — best summer multitasking: it’s not just improving the tone and skin texture, but also built-in protection from the sun. Why is it needed? According to the American Academy of dermatology (AAD), only 29% of women use sunscreen daily. Many people do not like the stickiness of the texture, odor filters, the white stripes, who often leave on the skin a normal sunscreen.Cream Foundation with SPF-factor is not quite an adequate substitute for sunscreen, especially if you are going for a walk. Such tools are good when you want light, discreet makeup and skin care at the same time. Yes, and important point: despite fairly widespread belief, the clouds still not reduce the solar radiation, so the rainy weather, however long it lasted, is not taken into account. Experts advise in a cloudy day, apply sun protection, as in the spectrum of fluorescent light includes UV rays of type A, which penetrate through clouds, glass and are “responsible” for the destruction of fibers of collagen and elastin and the formation of uneven pigmentation.PayotУхаживающее toners Pte Grise Soin Nude Spf 30 3-in-1: matting, conceals imperfections, protects from air pollution and harmful solar spectrum.Shu UemuraCтойкий breathable tonal fluid Unlimited in the form cusona with a protection level of SPF 36 PA+++.ChanelСтойкий Foundation fluid with the effect of the veil Ultra Le Teint Velvet smoothes, mattifies the skin and evens its tone.TizoСолнцезащитный tinted cream SPF40 TIZO3с and provides protection from the sun and gives the skin softness and smoothness. Can be used both independently and as primer.Giorgio Agmala Foundation SPF 25 Power Fabric with thick waterproof coating.YSLУхаживающая Foundation Le Teint Touche clat with vitamin E and SPF filter 22 to protect against adverse effects of ultraviolet rays.NARSУвлажняющее tool with tone NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer, light texture and high protection from UV rays. In one of the active ingredients — plant extracts and sea water.SisleyЛегкий toning cream with moisturizing effect Phyto Hydra Teint SPF 15 moisturizes, smoothes the skin, enhances the brightness of the complexion, protects from UV rays and negative influence of the external environment.Irina Kirienko