According to Ministry estimates, the 4 regions are in the first stage of the removal of restrictions, 55 regions – on the second, 26 of the regions – third (the removal of all restrictions for business compliance with social distancing and glove-mask mode). The decision on removal of restrictions or the extension of the heads of regions have their own take, based on sanitary-epidemiological situation overall co-ordination of release from quarantine by the government.

According to the monitoring of financial flows of the Bank of Russia, suffered from restrictions (up to a full termination of activities) of the enterprise is tourism, where even in late July, incoming payments was 76% below normal levels. However, the overall level of payments is close to dekorativnogo (he remains 4.7% below, without taking into account the extraction, production of petroleum products and the activities of government bodies).

the Peak of quarantine measures was observed at the end of April, when, according to the Ministry, 28% of jobs (more than 15 million people) was subject to restrictions. In early July, under the restrictions were 1.6 million calculated by the Ministry, the index of openness of the economy amounted to 96,9% compared to the baseline level prior to the announcement of the mode of working days and quarantine.