After the completion of the presidency of Barack Obama, the Democratic party remained without a clear leader. For Hillary Clinton stretched a vast trail of scandals that eventually led to its defeat in the elections of 2016. Bernie Sanders has always been a radical, conflicting with the party establishment and terrifying the moderates. Other democratic politicians were too weak or short-sighted to actually fight for the leadership of the party. And finally a Democrat who could become a hero not only to his party but also the American people. His approval rating recently reached a fantastic 80%. Is the Governor of new York Andrew Cuomo. But the Democratic party the elections will take Joe Biden – perhaps the weakest candidate of all.

Racist, militarist and homophobic

a Biography of Joe Biden can paint for a long time. Especially the part that concerns the political path. Joe was elected Senator back in 1972, after which he was reelected 6 times, and until 2008, represented the state of Delaware in the us Senate. As time went on, changing faces changing times, changing era has changed even the views of Biden, but he remained a constant representative of your state.

he Started Joe Biden as a typical “southern Democrat”, a man of liberal views, representing one of the conservative southern States. In the ’70s and’ 80s, the “southern Democrats” were almost the core of the democratic party. They had a very reasonable policy, even largely opposed to progressivism.

And at the very Biden is very questionable pages in the biography. For example, early in his career, the future Vice-President were no less racial segregation in American schools! Joe Biden resented the fact that black children will ride on the same school bus with whites. In our times, it even sounds crazy, but for people of progressive views is not a reason to write Biden inveterate racists – but they do not.

basically, Joe Biden for his past exploits can be safely placed in the open homophobes. In the 90-ies Biden strongly opposed same-sex marriage, as well as promoting laws that forbade gays to serve in the U.S. army.

At present President of the trump call transform for the fact that it banned military service transsexuals. I can only imagine what would have done with any conservative who would offer to drive out the army of gays. But with the Democrat Biden not doing anything – you never know what he there have voted at the time?

one More sin, which for Biden is not hard to notice is the support for the war in Iraq. Then The DemocraticEska party almost entirely opposed to the course of President George W. Bush and called for peace talks.

Even those politicians who in the beginning supported the invasion, quickly repented and called for peace. But not Biden, he was a hawk from the beginning to the end. However, it is not called a bloody warmonger. I wonder why?

of course, to say that Joe Biden “has redeemed” all their sins, working in the administration of President Obama. He then supported African Americans, and gays personally, married, and contributed to the withdrawal of troops from Iraq… and in General – to remember the policy sins of 20 years ago is bad. But the problem is that even without them, Biden got something to present.

do I Have to believe the victims?

Two years ago, all of America was shaking sexual scandals. Then in unison the whole left-liberal community is literally screaming about the crimes of Brett Cavanaugh. The fact that the candidate for chief judge was accused of raping a University of California Christine Blazey Ford. She was a conservative judge accused of rape, which was committed nearly 40 (!) years ago.

Christine Ford was confused about the dates, places and witnesses. Called to witness people who could not recall details of the story. She, too, could not lead well, at least some evidence. In addition, with the passage of time has revealed her long-standing relationship with the Democrats that the appointment of one more conservative judge, was extremely profitable. But she believed! Like all mainstream media hounded poor Brett Cavanaugh is to say terrible.

the best thing about this spoke the clearest Republican Senator from South Carolina Lindsey Graham: “This is not an investigation. It’s hell. This is an attempt to destroy the opportunity for honest people to take their seats because of all this nonsense. All you want is to ruin this guy’s life, to reject the appointment of new judges and hope that you will win in 2020! And it’s not even a I told you so told you!”.

Despite the enormous pressure, the Republicans were still able to achieve the purpose of Cavanaugh chief judge. This is actively resented and Joe Biden, who called to “believe the victim”, even without requiring from her any evidence.

But life has its irony. And now Joe Biden, he was faced with accusations of harassment. And we are not even talking about the unhealthy addiction to hug young girls at party events, kiss them, or smell their hair. It’s not a crime, at least for these things Biden got the nickname “wacky uncle Joe”. This is the most that neither is real sexual abuse while using his official position.

In 1993, in Washington assistant Joe Biden was a resident of the capital tarand Reid. According to her, once her immediate supervisor pinned her to the wall in the Capitol, began to kiss her and reached under her skirt. Tara Reid in an interview with Katie Harper said that Joe Biden her “raped by the fingers.” According to the woman, Biden tried to persuade her to “do something else”, and when she tried to protest, he exclaimed in surprise: “what you resist, you like me” …

of Course, it would be unsubstantiated slander – that’s just too much circumstantial evidence emerges upon closer examination.

first, about the history of harassment Biden to Tara Reid knew her mother, brother, friend and neighbor. Moreover, he knew and the husband of Tara, and it is well documented – he noted her contact with Biden in one of the documents of the divorce process. In addition, Tara Reid insists she wrote a formal complaint against the Senator, and then was asked to leave the headquarters of Biden. American journalists have searched the entire archive of Congress in search of the paper declared… and found nothing. Tara is lying? Or document someone was destroyed?

However, the most interesting is not even that. The eleventh of August, 1993 on the popular show host Larry king called the unknown woman. She asked leading what to do for her daughter, which was faced with “improper conduct” of one of the senators. Then entertainers and offered to write a complaint. However, the interesting thing happened later, after this information has become known, this edition of the show (which owns CNN) disappeared without a trace. CNN, the traditional mouthpiece of the democratic party, and this behavior at least suggests certain ideas. Moreover, as a result, the snippet of conversation was found and published. In the caller, the woman was identified by the mother of Tara Reid. It is significant that shortly after this was written the same complaint and disappeared in the same month, Tara was fired from the staff. Not too much of a coincidence?

But the most important thing is. Now the very same media who without any proof hounded Brett kavanaugh two years ago, desperately looking for inconsistencies in the history of Tara Reid. She was accused of lying, and in the work of trump, and even to be sympathetic to Putin. And most importantly, that all the mainstream media flatly refuse to believe Tara. It is called the liar “icon of feminism” and the founder of the movement “MeToo”, it also accuses of lying Joe Biden.

And then somehow embarrassing recall candidate speech Biden about the fact that we obviously believe any rape victim, no matter about whom there is a speech about the student of College or the Professor who allegedly raped a candidate for Supreme judge. And so I want to ask – do you trust Tara Reid as “any other victim of violence.” Unfortunately, many journalists of the Pro-democracy media in this��ROS do not ask. A pity, I’d love to hear Biden’s response.

Fathers and sons. And a lot of money.

All last autumn the main theme in America was the impeachment Saga of trump. It was a Grand event with the purpose of undermining the credibility of the current President of the United States. Trump was charged with attempt to force Ukraine to intervene in the presidential election. Under the intervention implied a proposal to start an investigation of Biden’s son to Burisma company.

the company generally has a very suspicious roots. It is engaged in the production of oil and gas in Ukraine. Its founder is a former Minister of ecology Mykola Zlochevsky, but the company is registered in Cyprus.

mister Zlochevsky in 2014 fled from persecution, but the company continued to work as if nothing had happened. The fact that the Board of Directors Burisma entered entirely interesting personalities: former President of Poland Aleksander Kwasniewski, former Ambassador-at-large George W. Bush, Cofer black, a family friend of John Kerry, Devon Archer, and the son of Joe Biden hunter.

the Company was producing ridiculously small – at the time of the appointment of hunter Biden in 2014 yielded only 700 million cubic meters of gas per year. For comparison, Gazprom produced nearly a thousand times more. However, Burisma generously paid all their leaders: for example, the salary of hunter Biden for the “promotion of international organizations and legal support” was 50 thousand dollars a month. And that’s without any bonuses and other allowances.

It seems not so big amount, but you have to understand that Burisma is not the only company that uses the services of Biden Jr. – he has worked in both law firm “Schiller & Flexner LLP”, and also held the post of Chairman of the Coalition of U.S. global leadership, Center for security policy and the National democratic Institute. Yes, and before that the Vice President’s son was rich career – he legally has helped many companies around the world – for good money, of course.

However, the shady activities of the son of Joe Biden is not so bad. The key problem is that the Vice President used his considerable influence to protect from criminal prosecution company, where he worked for his son. The Prosecutor General of Ukraine Viktor Shokhin very interested in the activities of Burisma, and initiated an investigation which risked to turn into a scandal. Soon after, he was dismissed by the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko.

According to the former acting Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Sevruk Joe Biden personally asked Poroshenko to send Shokhin resigned. Immediately after the request was completed “the United States has provided financial assistance to Ukraine in the amount of $ 1 billion,” said Sevruk. In fact, it’s called using your official status for personal gain.

the Attempt by Donald trump to provoke an investigation of Biden was a reason to start impeachment. Here are just a few impeachment that failed (despite the successful bringing of charges, the Democrats have failed to sway public opinion), so also attracted a lot of attention to the dubious activities of Joe Biden.

it’s safe to say that the theme of Burisma has not exhausted itself. And, most likely, one of Ukraine it will not be traces of such questionable ties Biden discovered in the Baltics and in China. Whether Biden to explain all this activity, if all the laws of political campaigns, the dirt on him will emerge in a couple of weeks before the election – a rhetorical question.

mountain of madness

Well, as the cherry on the cake – in recent months one of the most popular topics for jokes was strange forgetfulness of Joe Biden. Early in his campaign, he sometimes confused States, welcoming the residents of Vermont to new Hampshire. Even then, many were surprised a distraction Biden to confuse the crucial new Hampshire with nothing decisive Vermont was impossible with his political experience. But it was only the first swallow.

Then there was an endless series of mistakes, reservations and hesitation that each time it seemed more disturbing. Over the past few months of the campaign, Biden had already

to visit the “Northern South Carolina”, forget the name of Barack Obama confused the name of Barack Obama (got a strange expression “proud About-Biden-Bama Democrat”), to forget where he was elected, failing to formulate the basic provisions of its international agenda to declare that the only way out “only to re-elect trump” and, as icing on the cake, to mix a sister wife.

Last, and all looked, to put it mildly, strange. Even somewhat creepy. But this is only the most vivid manifestation. In fact Joe Biden too often makes mistakes that would not allow even a schoolboy, and also forgets totally obvious. If at first mistakes was just joking about the age of “sleepy Joe”, then the voters seriously wondered – not if Biden is suffering from dementia. In the end, it all led to such scale that even the journalists of the Pro-democracy media have had to write, why “jokes about the fact that Biden is ill with dementia unethical”.

unfortunately, these publications have not explained is it ethical to joke that Biden suffers from Tourette’s. Because otherwise it is very difficult to understand why the tricky question of its supporters, the candidate responded with a torrent of abuse. First, Biden instead of TobECAT, he asked whether the girl ever on the Caucus (a form of primaries in the US). When he heard the answer “Yes,” Biden replied, “No, you were not on the Caucus. You’re lying about the soldier-ponies, with a face like a dog!”. What was it – not explain, probably, and he is Joe Biden. It is better to “Northern South Carolina”, honestly.

But such manifestations is only half the problem. Much worse than the complete passivity of the main enemy of trump during the coronavirus. It is completely isolated themselves from the voters and problems at his home in Delaware, only occasionally appearing in friendly media for unusually pale and insipid interviews.

In the background trump looks like a real leader of the nation. Until recently, every day he appeared at the briefings and to personally tell Americans how his country is fighting the pandemic. How successful it has been is another matter, however, given the position of Biden trump can recommend to all though “glasswe” to drink – and will still look more convincing than the opponent, who preferred to hide from the threat.

the Curse of the Democrats

Biden bad. Biden is very bad. But the question arises – why the Democrats nominated of all the candidates is Joe Biden, who looks almost worse than Hillary Clinton 4 years ago. The answer is simple, Joe Biden is the great myth. The myth about his “election”.

According to the calculations of the democratic elites, Biden will be able to unite not only the entire party, and attract centrists. And in some ways they are right: “crazy” socialist Bernie Sanders really scared all neutral and even moderate voters, it’s just not making the situation better Biden.

Joe Biden is politically absolutely impotent. He’s just not able to attract new voters. All the votes that it receives, it does not support as a protest against Donald trump. With the same success they could to the dog and Joe Biden, if it is to make the candidate of the democratic party. Important to ensure the support of Pro-democracy media. And they will be protected from all attacks – from time to time.

Ahead of Biden’s three rounds of debate with trump. On them he will have to respond in detail to questions about Burisma is likely to have to meet face to face with Tara Reid, he will remember all his racist and sexist sins… And most importantly, is Biden to stumble and “to sail” and even the illusory chances for the presidency will dissolve under the pressure of sarcastic trump.

is it Possible to seriously count on the fact that he equally give battle in all three debates – probably only hope. Especially the Democrats. Because otherwise, trump will re-elect in spite of any problems and crises.

But in the composition of the Democratic party is relatively young and incredibly the popular Governor of new York Andrew Cuomo. The Governor, who broadcasts every day from the epicenter of the pandemic. The Governor, who is openly and largely in the case of criticizing trump. The Governor, who gets tons of journalistic attention, and has the skills of a great orator. The Governor, which extends km long trail of scandals of years past. The Governor, who really could win trump.

However, this “could” likely will remain in the subjunctive mood. Cuomo now no one will promote to the candidates – Biden has already chosen, and the democratic elites is much easier to put on predictable Joe, than to make the main figure more fresh and strong personality. And this probably hides their main curse.